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Please help me decide between the new consoles

prophetik music

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And I asked why you care. People can support whatever they want if they can afford it. If you need to be worried about anything in the future of gaming, it's this palpable wave of pretentious crapola turning gamers into self-confirmed industry experts and elitist snobs who took all the real fun out of gaming that's been building for the next two months.

Edit: My posts here may or may not be highly influenced by getting totally sick of the debate turning video games into something resembling a crusade for human rights.

To answer your question: Money talks. Speculative or not, support of/apathy to stupid policies only encourages greedy ass corporations to keep making increasingly stupid policies. Just because a person is blindly loyal to the brand and willing to put up with the bullshit doesn't mean it isn't bullshit and people aren't justified in calling it when they see it.

EDIT: Here's a classic example for you: I have Netflix and both a PS3 and Xbox. I watch Netflix with my PS3 because that way I don't have to pay for xbox live to watch Netflix, a service I already pay for monthly. With my PC and Playstation, I'm only spending money on the Netflix subscription and regular internet. Two expenses vs 3. The Xbox - Netflix story is just Microsoft's way of bullying you into paying for their premium online service to use a service that is available with no additional charges on other platforms.

So I'm clearly unjustified in thinking Microsoft's methods are ridiculous and that people who are supportive/apathetic of those tactics when other, more consumer friendly options are available to them are insane.

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Since this topic is hilarious I decided to do some quick google pricing. forgive me if i'm off but all of these are based on prices I saw.

Here's what to do with 600 dollars.

xbox one, a controller, and a game.

high quality Bowling Ball and Bowling shoes ($150) and 90 games @ $5/game

Compound bow ($500) plus 2 dozen arrows

Playstation 4, controller, 3 games.

Boxing Gloves ($80) 8 hours of training at $60/hour.

Kayak ($500) plus 3 Paddles ($30 ea)

8 person Tent ($600)

75 months of stream only Netflix

iPad with Retina display 32GB ($599)

Assembled Printrbot jr 3D printer ($499) plus 6 lbs of filament ($99)

Wii U, controller, 4 games.

Microsoft Surface RT 32GB ($499) plus cover ($90)


a shitty used car

Visit the playstation 4, Xbox one, Wii U threads to see the positives and do some reasoning or do your own research because to say "convince me" is basically saying "do the research for me and be sure to cite your sources!"

Unless they work for the sony, microsoft, or nintendo it's all going to be speculation.

This seems to be nothing more than a way to start arguments with people.

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Microsoft shut down Xbox Live for the first Xbox even when there were still games with sizable online communities for it. Not to mention no longer having access to DLC people paid for. I wouldn't be surprised at all if XBL was shut down for the 360 sooner than you'd think.

And that's one of my main problems with these consoles only allowing online functionality through their own iron-fisted services. Even if there are games that rely on official middleware for online play on PC, the nature of the platform allow users to device alternative solutions. So you can still play games online that are well over a decade old. Not so in the case of, say, Halo 2, which was still fairly popular when MS shut it down.

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I don't need to change your mind, because there's no point to it. Every single reason why someone shouldn't get an xb1 doesn't affect you, moreover, you favor microsoft's exclusives and favor microsoft's design. So I don't see any reason why you should even consider a ps4, and I don't know why you're looking for people to change your mind anyways. They can't.

Some people aren't buying an xb1 because although most of the issues don't affect them, they want to make a statement against the stuff MS is trying to pull off, but you don't seem to be caring about that either, so yeah, your decision is not even a decision.

thank you for taking the time to write something that wasn't purposefully inflammatory. i don't know if you meant it to be poking fun or something, but your statement makes a lot of sense - the issues people seem to have with the console are more directed at MS itself, and those issues either don't affect me (check-ins) or don't bother me (used games, OMG CAMERA HAX). and i DO like MS's exclusives - gears of war, halo, and lesser series like fable are all games where i've played them right when they came out, every time, because i like them a lot. i don't think that's because i prefer MS, though, i think they're just well-done series that were enjoyable to play. i struggled to find that on the ps3 when i owned it, but that was a while ago so i don't know if the situation has changed since then.

so, is the primary difference for most people the policies behind the box? what about the games? someone mentioned titanfall as a potential system seller - are there others that look like they'll knock it out of the park? i admit i don't know a ton about PS3's exclusives - i played uncharted 1 and 2 and love them, and the resistance series and kinda enjoyed it, but found killzone to be not my style, and i wasn't into games like littlebigplanet or god of war.

edit: didn't they shut down halo 2 because of network architecture issues? i thought they did that since the original xbox wasn't able to handle the stuff they wanted to do with XBL.

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I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. We've already got two threads about Xbox One and PS4, and a lot of the discussion happening here is also happening in those threads.

Brad, you seem pretty set on getting an Xbox One anyway. If you want to find out more about PS4, hit up the PS4 thread.

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