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Cosmo Canyon - FF7

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Hey there.

I started this Mix of Cosmo Canyon from FF7 (With some allusions to Cid's Theme) as a form of joke with myself.

I actually really like it now and would love to polish it up and submit it. :)


I hope y'all enjoy it and I look forward to any criticism.

- Callum

Edit: Version 2. http://tindeck.com/listen/jxhw

Edit: Version 3. http://tindeck.com/listen/jbwp

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Until 0:33, the kotos and shamisen are pretty dry, at least to me (I'm pretty picky with reverb on anything), and afterwards you'd need maybe a 0.4~0.8dB boost. Could use a little leadin at 0:32 as well. Just some sort of reverse or Far East rimshot would do.

Have you tried swapping the panning positions of the koto and shakuhachi? For some reason I like my more upfront instruments on the right, and the shakuhachi sounds a bit more upfront than the koto.

1:29 would be a good time to bring in a little more bass than you currently have with some sort of low bass drone, like the one at 1:56. Or, maybe it's just because I've been listening to a lot of Stephen Anderson.

5:37 bass gets a bit messy, so check that.

Overall the arrangement uses the same segment, rhythm, and instruments in the source quite a bit (1:30~2:50, for example) as duet-esque leads. It could stand for some shortening without losing much progressive feel.

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Sweet as. Thanks dude.

First off though, it's not a guitar it's a Shamisen. (I'm a bit of an ethnic timbre fanatic. Haha)

And it's no Dizi, it's a Shakuhachi. <3

I'll give those ideas a go! :D

Oh yeah, those are pretty close in tone. Sometimes I mix those up. :P

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Just a few things I noticed:

2:30~2:37 shamisen sounds a little mechanical now that it's exposed, so try putting less emphasis on every other note for a more natural phrasing. It'd be interesting if you can boost at the 35~45Hz range some more on the bass drone at 2:37 (maybe +0.4~0.8dB) for richer bass presence. Afterwards it would help to lower the master gain by about 0.2~0.6dB to compensate for the part near 3:10.

Sounding great so far! You're probably ready for Mod Review. :P

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My main beef with this track would be that the mixing can't quite decide what's lead and what's backing. Beyond that, a single listen doesn't reveal any big issues. The source(s) are there, track flows well, it's pretty good.

Just sort out the mixing and update it for a proper mod review.

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