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Batman VERSUS Superman: Frank Miller confirmed to be on the team!


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Well in related news on this one because i was jazzed BEFORE this hit.

The crossover just got bigger and better.

They just called in the heavy artillery to get this right.


Yes THAT Frank Miller. The one who did The Dark Knight Returns. They worked together to epic success on 300 and now the duo is back at it on an even bigger project.

I think some of your reservations of this movie can be assuaged this is DEFINITELY in the right hands.

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Watching this movie get made is almost cringe-worthy. I think it will try to cash-in on the Avengers "superheroes meet and they fight but then they fight something else and everything is better." Like, I know that's already a popular structure, but we know why they'd use it right now. Batman and Superman are both fantastic heroes, and they can both be told in great stories. This just feels like it doesn't need to happen, but it'll happen all the same.

PS Frank Miller hahahahaha

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As a DC comics fan, I should be incredibly excited about this, but I'm not. Man of Steel was a major disappointment. DCE is just not doing a good job with their movies at all, and I'm resigned to the fact that they seem to think that Man of Steel is a good movie to launch DC's cinematic universe.
You really think it was a great movie? I found the whole thing to be tedious and utterly joyless, which are two things that should never be used to describe a Superman story. The whole thing also showed very little understanding of the character of Clark Kent.
I'm not a film-maker or a writer, I don't have a formula. But here are a couple of things that I think are important to have in a Superman story.

First, Clark Kent is an investigative journalist, and I mean that this is an intrinsic part of his character, not just his job or his cover identity. It speaks to the idea that Superman fights for truth and justice. Clark seeks out the truth about corruption and evil in order to bring about justice. He exposes the wrong-doings of others by writing about them. Mark Waid used this to great effect in Superman: Birthright; rather than having Clark be a fisherman or a busboy at a bar, Clark traveled the world exposing the truth about corrupt politicians and bringing warlords in third-world countries to justice. Superman is not just about a strong guy holding up a collapsing oil-rig while the workers run to the helicopter; there is way more to Clark Kent than his powers.

Next, Clark protects people. He doesn't haphazardly throw his opponents into buildings and oil tankers. He doesn't put people in danger by exposing them to unbelievable amounts of collateral damage. Superman is an amazing fighter, but he's not about the fight. He performs feats far beyond the capabilities of mortal men; feats that save lives, not put them in danger. Man of Steel's Superman showed very little concern for everything that was happening around him while fighting Faora and Zod, and I don't think that really jives at all with the character of Clark Kent.

Superman is also an inspirational figure. He fills people with wonder, not fear. He interacts with people, and they're excited to see him. The first time people ever see Superman should not be after Metropolis is destroyed and a hundred thousand people have died. People should know and trust Superman; they need to be familiar with him to be able to understand that he's there to help and protect.

Also, and this might be more of a gripe than anything else I've said, but don't color correct a Superman movie to be a desaturated grey blob. It's Superman, it should have a lot of color. Krypton especially is always portrayed in film as this bleak, grey mess, whereas in comic books Krypton is filled with colorful alien vistas.

Anyway those are just a couple of points; ideally I think a great Superman movie would combine elements of Birthright for Clark's origin with Brainiac for the main hero/villain conflict. Also the movie wouldn't be an origin story; Superman would be around already for a couple of years and the origin would be referenced in a couple of flashbacks.

That is one six issue storyline from a very long, 80+ issue comic book series called Superman/Batman.

There's no one story about Superman and Batman. The characters have existed together in the DC universe for over 70 years. There have been many ongoing books and mini-series about the two of them working together. In fact, the two characters are paired together so much that there's a special name for them when they work together: the World's Finest (and if you add Wonder Woman into the mix, they become known as the Trinity).

Everything this man said is 100% true.

Also for all you people that think Superman sucks: never speak to me, ever.

True x1000000000

There's so much depth to Superman that has been lost to the general public. He's the most powerful being on Earth fighting for those with the least power. He does this as Superman and as Clark Kent. There's an immigration side to his story, too. He's not of this planet, but he has adopted it as his home, and does everything in his power to protect it. He encounters a lot of prejudice from native humans because he is foreign, despite the fact that he cares more for the planet and its inhabitants and will go further to protect it than anyone else.

Man of Steel was a massive disappointment. Sure, if you like explosion/destruction porn, this was your flick. But if you're a Superman fan, you walk out of the theater feeling like you were the one taking the beating.

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