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Frantic Factory remix from DK 64!

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Great to see you comment on another one of my remixes:)

I have been refining the mix a bit recently and tweaked a few things, such as:

  • made the bass at the end clearer
  • Changed beginning tom to a bass drum
  • added more to 44 seconds in
  • General mastering and EQing

I will post the link once I've uploaded the next edit to soundcloud.


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added link to remix
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Cool song! I love that 808 in the beginning

Some of the sweep/FX things like at :42 - you should take care about bringing them into and out of the mix - it will make the transition from this part to the dnb break smoother.

At the dnb break (:50) try varying the hihat with another hihat a little bit in the break so it's not so stagnant.

At 1:20 watch the EQ for the bass - it's a little bit muddy.

Also the kick drum at the part 1:40 - I can tell where it is, but I can't hear it. Making room in the lower spectrum (i.e. clearing up the bass synth) will make more room for the kick to shine :)

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Panning the ambiences wider; and/or adding more stereo image to those parts would be cool.

:41 hear how the stereo spectrum fills up? The whole track should be that full.

1:32 is too loud starting there.

Overall some good ideas. The lead sounds + composition need alot of work to remain interesting.

Also the ambience/fx and individual sounds are not strong enough to warrant this minimalistic of an approach.

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One of my favorite DK64 themes. I'm working on a version of it for the DK64 project. Hmm, I dunno... I think you can do a lot more with this theme. I'm sensing a lot of low end energy, and these headphones aren't that great. Synth bass is much too powerful compared to the other elements. Arrangement seems sparse. I think you can build up more energy. Look forward to seeing what you can do with it.

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This is just personal preference, but 0:06's sub bass would be more pleasant if it was either an actual bass or high passed to eliminate some of the lowest sub bass frequencies.

I'd say the acoustic rimshot could be layered with a mildly high passed snare with a pop-up feel to it. If you imagine a person hitting a snare drum and quickly lifting their hand after one hit, that's what "pop-up feel" means.

0:22 plucky lead is slightly too soft by about 0.4~1.2dB, so it feels too distant to be purposeful. 0:41 bass had the stereo image avaris would be looking for, but try to accomplish that without using a phaser, because a phaser may have presets that are supposed to do that already. It would mean you did that by accident.

0:44 is pretty bare with that squelchy synth. It needs something to lead into the DnB section, even if it's supposed to be a pseudo-fake-out. You could add in a white noise sweep downwards or something resembling that for the effect I'm thinking of.

0:49 has no cymbal, and the hi hats are mechanical. Why are the hi hats that fast, anyways? If you're going to do that, try having the highest volume being the first, second highest volume being the third, and third highest volume being the second and fourth hits I suppose.

I wasn't sure at first what's in the low end. I thought it was a double bass, but it's an electro pluck bass. The snare should also be stronger here, and not just a rimshot. The lead also is not fitting either. It should be an elongated, flowing, somewhat floaty lead.

1:20 could be muddy, but to make sure, you could automate a high pass on the bassy instruments downwards from a point where it doesn't clash with that ambient impact, until the impact tail is over.

The bass at 1:20 is actually really loud in a particular frequency, not necessarily in volume. 1:20 - 1:56 doesn't seem to have a direction to me. Based on what you wrote, I'm just waiting for some sort of buildup, but it never happens. The 1:56 automated arp staying on the same note a lot of the time is pretty repetitive. :|

Keep working on it. Some of the sounds are interesting. You just gotta figure out which ones. :)

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It's definitely an improvement from before. It's kind of odd now that the snare is panned though.

I think the 0:31 phaser bass is coming in too quickly. Maybe you could try fading it in. The 0:47 overhead drums are good, they just need to be a bit louder, because they sound like they're there but not obviously there. Right now it's like how hi hats usually tend to not be heard on the first listen.

0:50 is more full, but try to use a different bass there, or EQ it differently because it's really muddy. You could go the traditional route with a "reese" bass if you have one, or maybe a Pulse Width Modulation bass?

I guess 1:20 could be a bridge, but the arp needs to have more variation. Going back and forth on those notes gets pretty grating. Maybe you could do some faster notes sometimes, like a glissando. Also, 1:55 sounds like it needs a transition, like a cymbal or something to connect the sections.

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Good job so far, it's improved some more.

Try lowering the phaser effect at 0:31 by about 5~10%. It's a little too prevalent right now. The high saw arp at 0:50 is too loud by at least 0.4dB, and the lead is too retrigger-voiced. Try to find a more flowing lead that takes advantage of legato voicing. 1:56 - 2:32 saw arp is too loud too. Lower it by at least 2 dB.

1:12 is still pretty bare. Try to see if you can think of something else to add there. Afterwards it'd be a good idea to ask for a Mod Review.

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Something else I should say is to re-examine it for source connections. Is this resembling Frantic Factory enough for people to recognize it but still different?

That is something I haven't considered as much as I should but I have a way of interpreting things either to close to the original or too far away from the original source. But, I have added more elements to the remix to make it resemble frantic factory more, but I still have a bit of work to do.

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:47 Some white noise build-up or reverse crash needs to be implemented here.

:50 Snare needs to be much louder. It's the chorus section of the song. Fast hi-hats aren't gonna provide the same amount of energy as some good old snare.

1:18 This is a great sound. Boost the volume on that sucker, And try to feature it more in the song.

Overall the arrangement doesn't feel cohesive. The track feels like it just goes from one section to the next. For example the section starting at :50 feels like the climax of the track. The individual ideas are really good. Some very creative breakdowns.

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I don't know how 0:50 got messy again. It was fine before, and now the snare is indeed buried again. Did you add more bass or sub bass content?

I'd agree that ultimately, the arrangement when deconstructed has cool parts on its own, but when combined as it is right now, it doesn't sound like a cohesive piece.

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Much better dude! This might have a chance to pass. Feels a bit more cohesive. It could use some small ear candy. Check out this track:


If you go minimalistic you gotta really have some special ear catching sounds. Some of your fills and breakdowns could use a bit of lift and variation.

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Starts off great, but the drums really mess up the cool mood you were setting up. They're too raw, imo. 0:44's synth sounds really newby and doesn't fit the more complex soundscape you've been hinting at. Same problem 2:08, the synth doesn't quite fit. You've got these cool industrial, complex synth sounds, and then you've got these raw drums and simple synths on top. They don't mesh well.

The levels are fine. The sub is nice. The arrangement is weird, it has a kind of soundtrack feel with its disparate sections, but I don't think it's a problem. imo it flows, it works, it's actually kind'a cool. Source is a little difficult to analyze because of the arrangement, because of the original, because of my memory, because time. It's there, the question someone's gonna have to answer later is whether it's enough, and whether it's sufficiently arranged.

Figure out your sound design and get a second pair of ears on the source/arrangement. This has potential.

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