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How about a Knuckles Chaotix ReMix album?

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So, Knuckles' Chaotix is one of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. It was at first released in the May of 1995. It's a typical Sonic game, but its main distinctive feature is that there are alway 2 characters on the screen, each holding a ring in their hands, so they're always together. And I think it would be awesome to create an album, that will mark game's 20th anniversary. About 2 years will be enough, huh? Also, there are only 2 ReMixes from this wonderful game, that has probably one of the best soundtrack among 2D Sonic games. So, this game must have a ReMix album. Unfortunately, I don't have neither ReMixing, nor drawing skills, so I won't be able to contribute to this album. :tomatoface: I'm just an average Sonic Fan, and an OCR fan, of course. Game's soundtrack, if anyone is interested: http://info.sonicretro.org/Knuckles'_Chaotix_OSV And, please, forgive me my mistakes in this post, because English isn't my native language. :)

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It is inevitable that someone will come along and start a project for this game, but i agree that we should probably wait until Sonic CD: Temporal Duality has released and had a bit of a clean run before we even consider the next Sonic project album.

Knux Chaotix has quite a few tracks and it would need to have quite a few remixers on board to claim those songs so we could have a big enough roster of people to push this through and get it completed, and i'm not sure if we'll have those people ready so soon after Sonic CD. Everyone is kinda busy with their attentions being drawn to other projects too.

Aside from the Sonic CD album, we had the Sonic Zone Remix Competition last year which blasted a magnitude of Sonic remixes out.

Then we've got the SEGA Racing album project VROOM which contains one or two tracks from Sonic R, so we got some Sonic related stuff coming through there too.

But yeah, tl;dr - down for a Knux album at some point, though it probably shouldn't happen just yet otherwise it wouldn't get the full attention it deserves.

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Yeah, even in my short time here, I've noticed (and contributed heh) to the fever surrounding Sonic music. However, iirc, the Chaotix music has a completely different feel?

Anyway, I love the collaboration idea. Actually, every track I've worked on has been a collab, so of course I love the idea.

Also, if people are going to collab, and this is just a general request across the board, can someone mash up country and electronic? Seems fun

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I'd love to help organize something like that once my shinobi 3 album starts getting off the ground; as it is, that's already a big undertaking! but yes, an album for every sonic game is pretty much inevitable*

*i myself have plans in the works eventually for the two richard jacques soundtracks (reviled games, and in one case a reviled soundtrack, but if you can't feel the sunshine i don't want to talk to you)

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