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Big Giant Circles - new album The Glory Days officially released!

big giant circles

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Unfortunately I wasn't able to contribute to the Kickstarter for the album, but I look forward to picking it up now that it's released!

Any chance you'll be printing more physicals?

Probably, I'm just trying to figure out how many more I'll need. Now that it's out, demand is going to start steadily going down, so I don't want to order 500 or 1000 more and then have most of them just sit around taking up space

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Whoo, finally got the album in the mail today, so now I can listen to it! :-D I always wait for the physical CD to listen, whenever I get a phySical CD, which is rarer these days :-o

I actually checked the kickstarter page to see why I got 5 stickers and a flash drive, I didn't pledge for that! I can only assume it was a kind gift if not an egregious mistake, if it was a gift I really appreciate it. I know how stressful the kickstarter deal has been so if it was a mistake let me know. :-P

The quality was delivered flawless, not even a crack in the case, no thanks to the -- for lack of a more offensive word -- cheeky UPS delivery guy. Set the package on the bannister up against the little pillar with the mailbox on it. Literally 2 feet below the mailbox, and it's leaning half off with a 10 foot drop under it. Lucky I found it when I did. UPS guy is trolling the hell out of me. He can't put this package that would fit into the mailbox but he'll do stuff like this:


Anyway, thanks a metric ton my good man :-)

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