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OCR02749 - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'Bowzilla'

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The evil album series returns! Such a great day for the bad guys. As for this ReMix, that intro is menacing, sure, but after 0:50 when it really hits, the damn thing is FIERCE! This goes harder than I could have ever hoped for, and I liked the roars in the background. Such a long await ReMix, perfect way to kick off this album. Wonderfully dark and sets the mood for a final battle so well. Damn good stuff, man.

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I posted a request years back of a remix of this track, made in this style. I never thought it would be fulfilled. Sadly, Yoshi's Island OST is truly underrated. Only a few mixes exist and most of them are for Athletic.

The original theme of the final boss is one of the most badass (no pun intended) themes out there and one of Kondo's most unique tracks in my opinion. This remix does it a lot of justice with the in-your-face electric guitars. Excellent playing. My only complaint is that it ends too soon. It really could've went on longer in my opinion. Maybe it's because the intro is a bit too long.

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