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OC ReMix @ London Anime Con 2014!


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Sat. February 8th - Sun. February 9th

Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University, London N7 8BD - directions


OverClocked ReMix have been announced at Animeleague's next event, London Anime Con. It's set on the 8-9th of February 2014. We'll hopefully be performing on the Saturday (the 8th).

If you're a fan from the UK, do consider coming down to see us, since this doesn't happen very often. Expect a presentation, a quiz, and some live performances!






  • WillRock
  • Fishy
  • Rexy

Anyone else who is planning on coming down, let us know and we'll put your name here!

If you want to come down and hang, just let us know. Details are in the link above :)

I'll be updating the thread as more info comes in.


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Both, obviously.

Affordability... tho if I don't stay in London I could come up on the Saturday, unless I make any birthday plans with the family/missus.

Does give me an idea for a present tho lol.

If it had been during holidays, I would have tried to come and join.

There is also an element of this; But that would only affect staying in London (as I work in a school I can only really book time off during half terms etc,)

I shall ponder this and make a decision sometime soon.

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