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Mega Man 1 Cover Playthrough/Remade (8-bit cover project)


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Hello, after 3 months of work I've written the successor to the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough I made last year - this time it's a cover of Mega Man 1. You can find the youtube link here and the bandcamp link for download here.

This is a re-imagining of the original Mega Man's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.

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Aww yeah - more RushJet1 action!

brb, listening to album now... :nicework:

EDIT: Didn't take more than a few tracks to get me convinced that this is just as sexy as your MM3 arrangement album - maybe even more so, 'cause it sounds like you expand the themes just a little more this time around, from the little that I heard on it so far. Very nice work, as expected, man.

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