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OCR02784 - Sonic CD (US) 'Yours Truly, Satan'


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when I heard about this project I was worried about how this source would be treated. It's less music, more horrifying sounds to make you crap yourself. When I was a kid I always turned the volume off when fighting the bosses. The music was too scary for me to be able to focus :S... PH did a really solid job. The melodic elements are much more present without taking away the creepines of the source.

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On 12/5/2013 at 9:57 AM, Dubanubiel said:

It's less music, more horrifying sounds to make you crap yourself. 

That could very well be the best way to describe the US boss battle theme for this game.

But yeah, this remix manages to make the horrifying (in a good way) boss theme and make it a little more horrifying, with a dash of excitement. As I was listening to this, I was thinking “man I wish they added an evil horrifying laugh to the mix.” Ask and you shall receive, in spades. Excellent (and downright horrifying) ending.

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