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OCR02785 - Sonic CD (JP) 'Paradise Paradox'

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No reviews yet, huh? Well, then, let me kick things off by saying that this really feels and sounds like a ReMix that has a true Sonic spirit to it. Upbeat and charged with energy that glides rather than spins out of control, this is an amazing package. Love the usage of the piano later on. Nice work, man!

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Duh... ONLY 2 REVIEWS???? This tune is so great, it deserves more! Anyway, there's nothing groundbreaking here, but it's still a very neat arrangement. All incorporated themes work together quite well here, but my favorite here is Bad Future section. Dat wubs are so pretty <3 All in all, very pleasant and variable mix, so perfect to listen to on these cold November days.

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If any game deserves medley style remixes, it’s definitely Sonic CD. The multiple variations of the stage themes are begging for medley arrangements, so we could enjoy every variation all at once in some form. This remix does an excellent job bringing the JPN version of Palmtree Panic, and most of its variations together into one seamless, and fun medley.

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