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New WillRock Album Release: Welcome to the Real World


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Sup OCR! Welcome to the Real World is my first Full Length Original Album effort, which is available for download at Bandcamp! Welcome to the Real World is a 10 track album, which i've been working on for the past 2 years. The album is a big fat 80's inspired nostalgia trip of Chiptune, Rock, Electronic and Jazz music. Think of a combination of Vince DiCola, Journey, all those awesome video games you grew up with as a kid, and FM, because FM is the bomb.


Track 2 features the Vocal Talents of Jeff Luke (Double Dragon Neon) and the album also features a "Shoot em' Down!" Remix by OCRs Phonetic Hero!

Buy it on Bandcamp for £3+ (roughly 5 dollars). I also have plans to do Physicals some time in the near future! :D

I'd lastly like to thank OCR as a community for its support and helping me grow as an artist. This album wouldn't have been possible without this site. I hope you all enjoy the album! :D

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This is Will's most polished and inspired work to date. varied yet cohesive, just alarmingly good. it's hard to keep up with all the great original music coming out of the chip/vgm community these days, but this is definitely an album you do not want to miss.

I definitely agree, especially with the title track. There's something for everyone!

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Also the listening party last night was super fun! :)

Wish I could've made it :'(

This album is ridiculous. So much inspired melody, awesome progressions, and everything is REALLY structurally tight. My personal favorites at the moment are the title track, Firebrand, and of course, Shoot 'em Down

Making my remix was a blast, I loved the track ever since Will showed me way back when. I obviously couldn't quite do the crazy synth modulation that goes on with my SNES samples, so I had to get a little creative with the solos, which ended up extending to meter wankery (which I always love doing). Hope you guys like that one :D (it's also on SNESology, which I already posted in the SNESology thread here)

Everyone needs to check this album out, it's really amazing

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Thanks for the kind words guys! Pete did an AWESOME job on that remix, and unlike the rest of the album its FREE. Also, Crystalline Seashores is also a free download on 9-bit blitzkrieg here

The album is also available on Amazon and the itunes Store! (which I can't link sadly)

I'd still recommend Bandcamp tho, due to free bonus track and its slightly cheaper :)

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