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OCR03133 - *YES* Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Chemical Plant Zone (Subtractive Dispatch Mix)'


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Alright, here's the info you need:

ReMixer name: wauterboi
Website: http://www.wauterboi.com
Userid: 19578
Name of game arranged: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Name of arrangement: Chemical Plant Zone (Subtractive Dispatch Mix)
Name of Individual Song arranged: Chemical Plant Zone

So, yeah, this song is definitely a creative accident.

Here's what happened: I had a song that is two years old. The percussion was awesome and everything else sucked, so after stripping the song of it's awful melodies and horribly explosive synth garbage, I was left with the drums.

I went back to square one with a keyboard and the original beat, and the collective of notes that came after just happened to closely resemble Chemical Plant Zone. I decided from that point on that I was remixing Sonic, and a few synths later it sounded great.

I'm a dolt when it comes to describing my own music, but if I had to say anything about it, I'd say that it takes some of the style from the original track and throws it in a blender full of gritty synthwork, a slower tempo, and even some of the original synths from the game. I mean, they're literally the original synths - they were extracted from the game and played by yours truly.

And I guess you could say it's slightly dubsteppy without being vomit-inducing or "super filthy heavy nastiness".

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This is pretty damn solid.

I really like the constant beat and the 16th note synth pattern, and of course there is a sonic SFX inclusion or two. It's a sonic remix after all! ;-)

The repetition is a little prominent in the second time around, but there are minor changes that keep it unique. I do think mixing it up a bit more would have been a little more exciting, but overall I think this is a cool take on a classic and is strong enough to clear the bar as-is. I am not certain that every judge will feel the same, so good luck on the vote. :-)


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But I like "super filthy heavy nastiness." This is nasty enough. And groovy as all heck.

It does get a bit repetitive in the writing, but yeah there is some nice personalization and effects. I'd love some more wub variation during the verses. But omg dat breakdown at 2:43.

My only complaint on this mix is that the (extracted? wow) leads are a bit harsh and resonant, and when they are playing they obliterate the lovely upper-end bass crunch. I have to wonder if the leads are going to hurt Flexstyle's ears? I'm gonna let it slide. I dig this.


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Yeah, I'm really liking this approach. It slows down the tempo of the original

I was a bit disappointed that 1:26 was essentially a rehash of :08, except with a background counterpoint added in. There's some sonic room on the low end to fill out this section a bit more (the intro is fine being slightly more on the sparse side, but the second time around is the opportunity to bring the full power). An added low bass presence either with sustained notes or following the 16th note pattern would've helped for sure.

Hmm, 2:12 is another rehash, this time of the B section from :30, but without much noticable different from the first time around.

Pretty much original material from 2:45 - 3:35 (end), which is actually quite a chunk of the track if you think about it (50 seconds of a 215 second track). It probably could be trimmed down without losing the effect you're going for.

I was ready to give this one the nod halfway through, as the crunchy beats and synths are really hot here, but copy-pasta issue is bugging me a bit here. Overall, there's enough variation in here (the middle sections definitely helped) for me to give the nod, but some more variation in the main A & B sections, plus, to a lesser extent, a trimmed down ending are areas of potential improvement.

YES borderline (repetition)

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