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OCR02927 - Super Metroid 'Beyond the Glass'

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I... what, wait, no. NO. People can't just go out and make music (and videos, for heaven's sake) this good without a scary-sized budget. Another mind-blowing Sam Dillard piece.

And I kept waiting for something to happen-- jump out of the audio shadows as it were-- but nothing ever did; the tensions just keeps building, layer upon gorgeous layer. What a soundscape. Holy cow.

Darn it, Sam, your talent has made me angry.

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A cinematic sound and an incredible video to go along with it, that's just impressive on many levels. That all being said, it has everything that I would love this kind of piece to have. A slick build sandwiched by tense moments that have even grander bookends. It really does sound like something you'd expect from a score. Nice work.

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I had to watch the video first.

This is actually GREAT WORK. Even the video gave me goosebumps. The track is so well done. It made me nostalgic for a moment then felt epic. This could have been a great metroid movie.

I would gladly use this if I were nintendo. The piece is perfect. Every instrument and every moement felt like a metroid epic cinematic.

Love it!

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It's hard to compliment any particular part - the entire song is made of shades of good, better, and excellent. Though I particularly liked the bass ostinatos. I felt that they added a sense of advancement or urgency to the song, which I liked.

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23 hours ago, Cap'nPipsqueak said:

I just love Zeithri's 'review' of your music in the video.


It's the equivalent of going to the opera and then complaining that the people shouting at each other in Italian made it impossible to enjoy the music.

Haha, I actually had to take a look at the video again to see what you meant.  

I'm of the philosophy that unless I can provide some useful input, I just keep my thoughts to myself if I simply don't like a song/video/etc.  Some do give insightful criticism, but I think many people just like to complain and bash the work of others because it somehow empowers them.  Music is an abstract art, so of course not everyone is going to like everything.  And that's fine.  Folks can be pretty derp sometimes though.  But hey, I never realized that "regular conventions of AHHHHH noises" were a thing... and now I've been enlightened!  The more you know.

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