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The Beat Demon by Garrett Williamson (G-Mixer) is released! (now on iTunes, Bandcamp, & more)

Garrett Williamson

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Hey guys! My new album The Beat Demon that I've been working hard on for over two and a half years has finally released! I'm extremely proud of it and I'd love all of you to check it out!

And if you really like what you're hearing, even if you don't buy it or you just listen to it on Spotify (you little stinker hahahaha), PLEASE spread the word about it. It's the best gift I can be given right now. Like, I would really appreciate it if you guys spread the word about it if you like what you're hearing. :)

Here's the CD Baby link:


Here's to iTunes:


Here's to Bandcamp:


It's at many other places as well, so just look it up there or ask me for the link and I'll give it.

Thanks everyone!

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I think my favorite track is probably the title-track. Definitely has that "arena" feel and in general the album reminds me of something between Michael Jackson and Max Martin style pop music. That is a very good thing.

Oh thank God someone else's favorite is the title track. :-D

Yeah, "The Beat Demon" I actually spent a total of 5 years on. I started it in 2009 as just an instrumental demo, came back a few years later and decided to do something with it, and it became the title track of the album and I love it. I'm honestly really proud of it and very happy with it.

My other personal favorite is "Daddy's Little Girl".

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I think I like Terminate and Free the most. Kinda wish the album was available somewhere with longer previews though. That way I can hear more of a progression within each song. :P

I subscribe to Rdio and that's where I'm listening to it.

I'm not sure if subscribing to Rdio and listening to it there makes me a good person or a bad person.

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Hey everyone! For one, if you go to the Bandcamp and enter the discount code "groovemaster", you'll get the album 25% off. :)http://garrettwilliamson.bandcamp.com

Secondly, I just released a new in-depth video of the "Prelude" track. More episodes to come on the rest of the tracks, talking in-depth about each. :) And yes, in the video I say "prelude" weird. I've never been able to say it "prel-you'd".


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