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OCR Pathfinder - Who wants to play?


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I'm interested in running a Pathfinder campaign - or at least a couple adventures - for a party of 3-5. We can play via the Roll20 system + video chat. Any experience level is welcome, from no D&D/Pathfinder experience to veteran players.

1. Who's interested in playing?

2. What's your availability (weekdays, weekends, which times..)

(BTW for my MD/DC/NoVA friends, this is a separate campaign!)

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I'm interested. Never played a D&D game ever, but I've always wanted to have the experience. So if you'll have me, I'm probably game.

Right now I can work around everyone's schedules aside from Wednesday and Friday nights. That may change in the future, depending on what happens with my job situation, but I expect that any other night should be ok regardless. I have a preference of avoiding Sunday nights, but that's not a requirement. For now just count me as good for any night other than Wednesday and Friday nights.

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Mark me down for this. I'm busy every other Tuesday from 5-8ish PT. Every other night I'm good unless one of my other 4 campaigns is going on.

I also run a 3.5 campaign online via Roll20. It's super casual drop-in and drop-out gameplay. No commitment. It's episodic content (think Star Trek or Law & Order). This is not OCR specific but I take anyone who wants to play. Just shoot me a PM or find me on IRC. (IRC is better). I also create content based off your character. Basically you write up a background on your character and I create a personal story for you in the campaign.

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I'd be interested if I can make it. I travel for a living, so my schedule is bizarre and ever-changing. The only times I know I won't be able to make it is Friday and Sunday nights, because I'm almost always on a plane then. Anything Saturday or Monday-Thursday evenings I can probably make more often than not. I've never played Pathfinder, but I've played a lot of D&D 3.5, so it shouldn't be too traumatic a switch.

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Yes I would want to keep it going if people are having fun.

OK, so suggestion. If you're interested in playing, please go here...


Read a bit about character creation, races, and classes, so you have some idea of what to expect. Think about what KIND of character you want to play.

* Someone who prefers to fight at range with bows?

* Someone who sneaks around the battlefield, moving swiftly + striking quickly?

* A melee tank type that can soak up damage and dish out big melee hits?

* A berserker / rage type character?

* A healer? A buffer?

* A mage with lots of spells (but squishy?)

* A pet character?

EDIT: OK, how's this for game #1 on Saturday...


Kenogu Labs



What we could potentially do is alternate each week, have another game on Monday with Brandon, NJ, relyance + 1-2 others.

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I've played pathfinder for about a year and I've been jonesing for a new game. I'm good anytime after 5 P.M. MST though I wont be available for the 29th to Oct 3. But if this all pans out next week just start and I will join next week.

Edit: Just read the two options for games, I would prefer Saturday if you don't mind fitting a fifth person in (I know that can be a pain to balance) but I'm also unsure if I can make it this starting week, if I can't let me know team composition so I can fill in the gaps. Keep me posted =)

Edit edit: Here's my roll20 account https://app.roll20.net/users/527280/kevin-c

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