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OCR Secret Santa 2014


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Tables it said your gift arrived but I have no flipping clue which address was correct. Basically I was given two, I used the second one because Wes said the first wasn't valid yet and I didn't read this thread until after I sent your gift.

Ahhhh shoot. There's really not much that CAN be done, with all the moving drama and bullsense that happened this year there's really no way for me to even check this very different address for a package......

I am so so, so so so sorry. If you'd like I'd be very happy to compensate you for whatever you spent on me, I feel awful for having this happen... shoot me a message if you want to talk about that. I'm sure whatever you got or made was awesome!!

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I don't know who my secret santa is but I got a few gifts from nice people that I think deserve some thanks for... Huge thanks to Rexy (who said she wasn't my SS) for sending Shovel Knight and Final Fantasy III and Shaggy (might be my SS? i was his SS) for sending Final Fantasy IV! I got so many final fantasies on steam now that I need to play. :lol:

The spirit of giving is strong with this community :-) thanks friends!

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Shaggy (might be my SS? i was his SS)

Shaggy sent a 3DS case and Amazon voucher to BardicKnowledge. And according to the spreadsheet I had kept track on, 2 people didn't write anything about their present shipping progress.

Still sucks you didn't get anything from your actual Santa, but know that we're all here for you when things don't quite go your own way. :)

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