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OCR03044 - 3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night 'Welcome to Our Castle'

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Anything remotely close to Beetlejuice-esque Danny Elfman arrangements are right up my alley, so this is the kind of ReMix that is a no brainer for me. It's undoubtedly got a touch of darkness, but the playfulness and quirkiness of it adds to it. Even when it gets darker later into the middle of the mix, it never seems to cross the line of evil before going back to the wilder aspects for the ending.

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Haha, I'll bet if I say the title of this remix too many times it may manifest something really disgusting physically; I kid.

The composition remains quite quirky and definitely gives off the Beetlejuice vibe. I do hear a few sections here and there that remind me of Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows, but honestly when I really think of the whole mix in general, the first thing that comes to mind in the beginning is Kefka, and then near the end, I scratch my head wondering if someone is going to compose music similiar to this for an Addam's Family remake. It's great for an orchestral mix. Lots of fun.

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