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By the blood of Bahamut! Star Ocean 5 CONFIRMED!

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"Integrity and Faithlessness"

Anyone else find this to be quite an interesting subtitle? Very curious as to how the narrative reflects it...

Yeah. I thought that was interesting as heck. What an odd subtitle. I like it because it's unique and dramatic. But I too wonder how it will be a theme in the game. The lead programmer Yoshiharu Gotanda says, "There are multiple meanings behind the subtitle for this game. It’ll make sense by the end once you play the game, I think.”

I'm so excited!

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The one thing Star Ocean 4 did better than all the rest is having several planets to explore instead of just 2. I hope they do that again.

10-4. Still not as open as I would have liked but it was better than 3 in that regard. The best part of the 3 was that it was sakuraba's best work ever in my opinion.

Completely hyped for this game!

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Well, I played through Star ocean 3 and I watched a playthrough of Star ocean 4. 3 was okay, but 4 just annoyed the heck out of me. I'm not even going to bring up the god-awful voice acting.

Edge makes a supercomputer laugh. Faze becomes rage incarnate when some random NPC's get killed. Myuria says she's looking for Edge's friend Crow and she is going to kill him when she finds him. And he lets her on board. And when Crow does show up, he doesn't even warn him about her before she attacks.

Oops, we went back in time. Some secret human government agency captures the ship and the crew and begs them for technology to save the earth from stagnation. So they give the all-important crystal from the drive core which immediately causes an explosion to destroy the entire earth. Edge says "They're going to overload it no doubt" And their human captors say "We are the brightest minds of the century. We know better than you people from the future who obviously know about the technology more intimately than we ever could." So they need to get off world before it blows but they can't because they gave their crystal away. But some random half naked loli catgirl they found in the base JUST HAPPENS TO CARRY A SPARE CRYSTAL AROUND HER NECK!!! One that optimizes perfectly with their ship. Oh, and in case you missed that part earlier, that catgirl was ALREADY IN THE BASE and the super secret government agency with the "brightest minds of the century" were so keen on checking out the drive core crystal but not her's. And when the earth does blow up, how are we going to reconcile the fact that humanity doesn't exist anymore and that Edge and crew could have never been born? It must have been an earth from ANOTHER DIMENSION! God, this game is so stupid! I really don't care if they come out with a Star Ocean 5 because there is no way they can recover from something like this.

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