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Guitar Center = holy crap what a deal

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its in-store only!

If you check either guitar center or musician friends website, they both have the online prices listed as $600. Unless it was a mistake then it looks like you can get it online too.

Really? I checked it yesterday and they were still at $1500, I guess they dropped it online too. Still a helluva deal.

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After screwing with the stuff for a couple of days, I must say this deal is worth it. Battery 2 has become my favorite way to compose with drums (my last favorite was ReDrum but I thought it had too few slots for samples and too few effects, Battery fixes both problems!), Kontakt is absolutely amazing for samples, Absynth is always used when a pad is needed, the B4 II and Elektrik Piano are becoming favorites to practice piano with and are perfect for specialized instruments. the Pro 53 is great for creating some old school pads, basses, and leads (though not as good as the Korg LEgacy Collection). Basically, the only things I haven't really touched since I got them are Kompakt and Intakt, and I'll get to them some time later. Reaktor 5 has the greatest potential out of any synth I've ever used though, the preset are really cool and I can't wait to start making my own synths with it and finding some on the internet. Overall, I would never pay $1500 for this, it isn't worth it, but at $600 its still a helluvadeal, and while you could get a hardware synth for that much, you wouldn't get this much variety with it as you do with this, which is the main use of this package.

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What are they?

Komplete is a collection of pretty much the complete Native Instruments line-up of that moment. This means for Komplete 3:

Reaktor 5 -- modular synthesizer

Absynth 3 -- synthesizer

FM7 -- FM-based synthesizer

PRO-53 -- emulation of the Prophet-5

Kontakt 2 -- software sampler

Battery 2 -- software drum sampler

Intakt -- loop sampler and beat slicer

Kompakt -- limited version of Kontakt

Elektrik Piano -- sample-based Rhodes/Wurlitzer

B4 II* -- tonewheel organ emulation

Vokator -- vocoder

NI-Spektral Delay -- FFT-based delay effect

Guitar Rig 2 Software* -- guitar amps, cabinets and effects emulation

If you have to ask what these separate parts are, go to the NI website and check out the demos.

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I really...

I really ought to pick this up! Too bad I don't really need any of it enough to justify $600.00, but it's definitely a great deal on a few quite excellent pieces of software that you would definitely use on an almost every-song basis.

But there's no indication the price is temporary :)

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You guys are killing me.


Zzounds has it for the same price, and if you use that exact link (above), OCR gets a commission. Like $50. It's the easiest way to help the site out, you're getting the same exact price, etc.

I wouldn't be pushing Zzounds if they didn't have competitive prices... please consider them when making these large purchases, and when doing so, when you actually do place the order, going to their site from ours could really help us out.

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"KOMPLETE 3 Upgrade

NI-VERSARY Special Offer valid until September 10th.

Available to registered users of any one of the following products: KORE REAKTOR 4 or 5 GUITAR RIG 1 or 2 KONTAKT 1 or 2 And for registered users of two single NI products contained in NI KOMPLETE 3 (e.g. ABSYNTH 3 AND KOMPAKT).

Please note: If you purchase this KOMPLETE 3 NI-VERSARY Upgrade Offer as a user of REAKTOR 4/5, GUITAR RIG 1/2 or KONTAKT 1/2, KOMPLETE 3 must be activated until September 10th!

1,149.00 USD"

Above is the version info from the NI website on the Komplete 3 package listed in the link you posted http://www.zzounds.com/item--NINKOMPLETE2

In Doomsday's thread about this completely kick ass deal.

I'd love to buy this from zzsounds and on their website it says nothin about having to be a previous registered owner of other certain NI products to be able to purchase or use the Komplete 3 package they got for sale on that link.

Basically it boils down to this, if I buy this package off of zzsounds will I be able to use all the kick ass synths and instruments in this package even though I'm not a registered owner of any other NI instruments at the present moment?

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Damn you and ur full version, after listening to the demos and watching some videos...wow I need this to create some bad ass soundscapes, it'll send my production capabilities through the roof.

this is what it says on the website

"New, Version 3 Update from Version 2"

Doesn't say for sure "this is the full version" or "this is an upgrade version and you need to previosuly own other NI software to use this package"

Damn, well it looks like I'm gonna have to call up zzsounds tomorrow and see for sure what it is exactly I'd be ordering. When that happens I'll let you guys know da info.

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yup this thing was sold out clear across the internet. But luckily my local guitar center had 1 copy left, so I got it and now I'm very very poor, but very very happy. :lol:

Sorry djp, but zzsounds ran out of it. :cry: I think the deal you got going with them is good thing. It helps out us remixers by getting the cheapest prices, helps out the site bc of the commission, and it helps out zz sounds bc they get more customers.

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