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CarboHydroM & Chernabogue - French Interview about VGM remixing on May 4 (9PM GMT+1)

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CarboHydroM and I are being interviewed tomorrow evening at 9PM (France time, so that's around 3PM EST I think). The interview is in French, but we'll be talking about VGM, remixing, and of course OCR! If you understand French, or just want to hear our melodious voices, check radiovg.com. :)


EDIT: Interview can be heard here: http://www.radiojv.com/show/le-player-club-32/ (only Carbo speaks, as my connexion sucked -- I wrote my answers in a chat and one of the members of the radio read them)

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I'd love to hear it, but contrary to popular belief, most Canadians do not speak French. The ones that do only speak it so they can speak to the separatists who refuse to learn English. 


As a result, if I venture too far east, I run into a language barrier in my own damn country.

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It was a great interview, even if my connexion sucked and I had to use a chat to express my opinion ^^ We spoke about VGM remixing in general, OCR, DoD and other websites, the rise of YouTube, and the more commercial aspect of VGM remixing (Patreon, KS, etc.)


Some good laughs when one of the hosts said DoD was like a reality show and OCR was a sect xD (on the topic of the Judges/votes from OCR/DoD)


If you want to listen to the interview, you can get the podcast here: http://www.radiojv.com/show/le-player-club-32/

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