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Xenogears: Humans + Gears - History


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Sure thing. :) We do need an example of a song you have finished though to make sure your ability is up to project standards. It can be original or a remix of any sorts. The updated available tracks are listed below.

Update Track List and Progress:

Humans Disc

1)Foxhull-June Mermaid

2)avaris-Aveh, the Ancient Dance


3)Geoffrey Taucer-The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

4)Foxhull/Geoffrey Taucer/Fishy/Tensei-San/The Prophet of Mephisto-Awakening

5)Fishy-Shebat: The Wind is Calling

6)Vampire Hunter Dan- Flight, Emotions, The Ship of Regret and Sleep

7)zikon-Tears of The Stars, Hearts of The People

8 )ziwtra-Bonds of Sea And Fire

9)Fishy-Steel Giant


11)Prometheus-Lost...Broken Shards

12)CHIPP Damage/cawnil-The Valley Where the Wind is Born

13 ) OA - Gathering Stars in the Night Sky

14) CHIPP Damage/Tensei-San - Tamasu Man of the Sea

14) Prometheus - Stage of Death

15) Jormungand - Forest of the Black Moon

16) TheLeviathan - Shattering of the Dream Egg

17) CRynzer - Knight of Fire

Gears Disc


2)about:blank-One Who Bares Fangs at God

3)Wintermute/Troy Lawlor-Bonds of Sea and Fire

4)avaris/Blue Magic- The One Who is Torn Apart

5)E-Bison-The Light from the Netherworlds

6)Siamey-Back to Sleep

7)Another Soundscape/Avaris-Daijiru: City of Burning Sands

8 )avaris/Nutritious/Skrypnyk-June Mermaid

9)ziwtra - Wings

10)Geoffrey Taucer & friends - Omen medley

11)Electric Concerto-The Wounded Shall Advance to the Light

12) MaZe - Faraway Promise

13) Nutritious - Leftovers of The Dreams of The Strong

14) Tensei-San/DragonAvenger - Stars of Tears

15) The Vagrance - Invasion

Blue - Done

Green - Almost Done

Orange - Tracks Available - Need to Hear from SOON!

Updated Available Tracks:

13 - Graaf, Emperor of Darkness

20 - In A Dark Sleep

21 - Singing In The Gentle Wind

25 - The Blue Traveler

27 - The Jaws of Ice

31 - The Sky, The Clouds, And You

36 - Solaris: Eden of Heaven

39 - Pray For The People's Joy

43 - The Beginning And The End

44 - Small of Two Pieces ~ Broken Shards (Restored Pieces)

XX - Faraway Promise

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I have a few original tracks on my MySpace page located here: http://myspace.com/nrichmusic

I've actually been lurking OCR for several years now and have always wanted to join the ranks of the other remixers, but never felt "worthy" up until recently when I noticed my productions have been above amateur quality (in my opinion, of course). Since 2005, I have been producing and sequencing music in FL Studio, and I have also been playing the guitar since 2001. With so many years of practice under my belt, I thought "why not finally give it a shot?" :P At least I wouldn't embarass myself too much at this point in time.

Hope I'm up to snuff in some prospect, and I do appreciate the consideration.

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Is there any specific deadline that needs to be met for near-finished demos? I'm juggling a lot of projects and several other remixes as of late (most likely a few others in the same position, I'd bet) and I've got deadlines written down for most of them to help prioritize and keep chaos from materializing, with this album project of course being the exception. Late october, early november... any kind of due goal would be great just to make sure I don't screw up and neglect my commitment

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Good news website is done! Head on over to the project forums to check it out. Now for it to be 100% done we need everyone's bios and song descriptions. (Check out ziwtra's songs for an example of the "short song description")

Also more good news. Ziwtra has finished both of his tracks. As soon as we get the rest of the finished tracks in we can release this project. Right now we have 14 finished tracks. I would like to have all tracks completed by December 1st.

Keep it up dudes!

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Oh sweet, I remember seeing this more than a year ago. This thing is really coming together haha.

If anyone needs vocals recorded I may be able to assist.

Some of my stuff:


http://www.tindeck.com/audio/filestore/h/hgwx-splashwoman11.mp3 (Vocals are jibberish first take on this one. HAHA)


http://www.tindeck.com/audio/filestore/g/gfuf-lovesong.mp3 (Crappy Cover haha. This was made a LONG time ago, I've improved since then.)

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I believe we have 16 tracks done. Website is done except for peoples info, wav files, mirrors, and few other fixes.

Basically people just need to finish their shite. There are tons of other projects just about finished, so we might be behind in the pecking order for a release date. I'll be done with my grueling exam schedule come this friday; after that I'll start organizing the shite so we can call this one finished! Thanks to everyone who has finished a mix thus far!

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