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  1. I'm going to also recommend the Xenosaga series. I didn't hate 2 as much as other people did, but if you can get trough it, 3 is pretty awesome. Just make sure you like sitting through very long cutscenes. Not sure if anybody recommended it yet, but the Shadow Hearts series on PS2 has a pretty great story. I've only played the first 2 since they directly relate. There is a third which may or may not relate, still haven't started playing it yet.
  2. Just bought it yesterday as well because of the price drop. Minus a couple small annoyances, I agree that it controls very well.
  3. This. It's getting kind of sad when I enjoy the off-island stuff more than the on-island stuff. Also, next week better be amazing. It has potential.
  4. The beginning REALLY reminds me of something from Death Note. I'm liking this so far.
  5. Gotta dust off my old WIP and see if it's still good enough.
  6. I'd like to request Passing Sorrow please. I can't PM you an audition song at the moment, but you can listen to my track from the Xenogears project if you want until I can send one.
  7. I'm pretty sure Unknown uses all free samples (not sure which ones) for his orchestral pieces, and he's gotten those to sound pretty good. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.
  8. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01241/ obligatory, but kind of kidding.
  9. Valkyria Chronicles is worth noting for sure.
  10. I'm a huge fan of these OSTs, and I'd be interested in possibly joining. My usual style probably isn't as aggressive as you guys probably are looking for, but I have done more up beat stuff before. I'm interested in 1-21 Gate of Journey (Door to the Journey) or 1-11 Ending Motif both from Lufia II. I'll send you samples if you want. Let me know.
  11. I wonder if the budding horns on the beast have any meaning considering the horned children in the past games, or if its just a design choice.
  12. The opening of the first demo video reminds me of FF7. You know, white protagonist and black partner on a train.
  13. That would pretty much answer any and all questions.
  14. Well here's some random link showing a couple pics of one kind: http://www.ruble-enterprises.com/PFsword.htm There's some proof I guess. The museum had a room full of different kinds, though.
  15. Hey, let's attach this nuke to this knife to increase damage.
  16. Just to let you guys who are dissing the gunblade know, there are actual old weapons that exist that are part sword/axe/knife, part gun. The gunblade in FF8 bears a pretty similar resemblance. I was pretty surprised to see a bunch of them in a museum in Europe a couple years ago.
  17. Didn't read through the rest of the thread, so I don't know if somebody else mentioned this yet. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for N64 (as well as pretty much any game from that series) has a pretty amazing soundtrack. The Castle themes are where the soundtrack shines IMO. I love how the songs start off simple and then start to build after you begin to progress through the castle. These are probably three of my favorites from it: (this one shows the progression of the song through a stage)
  18. I have all 4. PM me if you want them. I'll try to get to it sometime tomorrow. It's bedtime now.
  19. Shariq just totally made this thread awesome.
  20. I totally didn't realize there were all these new posts after this got rejected. Rama, I was talking to F4T4L about maybe submitting this to R:TS, so I still might. Also, thanks for the support everybody else. I might try to fix this up and give it a resub. I don't have the link to the version I submitted to the panel because G-T is hosting it, and I forgot to save the link. I was thinking about having them leave the link up if it was rejected, but then didn't end up doing it. The version I subbed had some fixes that some people mentioned including replacing the monkey-ish sounding chants at the end. Too bad they still didn't like the chants at all. I'll post the link in a day or so when I can get a hold of G-T.
  21. Haha, oh wow is right! Just wanted to post, saying that this original poster wasn't me pissed off over a rejection or anything. To be honest, I was slightly offended at the way BGC kept trying to drive his point home. I'm not saying those were his intentions, but it is hard to tell online. No hate towards BGC because I've always respected him as a judge, and I was actually surprised it was him saying it when I read his comments. I wasn't really that upset over it, though, so no big worries. Thanks to the original poster (whoever you are) for looking out for us remixers. I'm pretty busy but hopefully I'll get around to fixing up the song to resub sometime soon.
  22. Newer version of my song posted on the project site. Feedback welcome.
  23. I don't think you will be able sell this (even if it is for charity) without obtaining the rights to do so from Square-Enix. Good luck though.
  24. I believe you mean Ms. Anyway, happy birthday Mono!
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