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Xenogears: Humans + Gears - History


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Sweetness. I was gonna start doing the backing for the sax solo song as well.

Great news everyone r3forged just finished his track as well. That makes 19 total finished. I know regardless is the world ends we will be getting at least 1 more track. So this project is def a go to be released as soon as we apply the finishing touches. I would love to have 25 tracks total but I'd be more than happy with 20-22.

Thanks everyone for your continued support thus far!

you linked me something that i didn't recognize the source tune of. try again?

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Hey avaris, I sent you a PM with a finished version of my track for the project. I shoulda sent that sumbitch eons ago, and I'm sincerely sorry if any kind of lack of participation on my part has hindered the project. It's certainly been a while since I've been around these parts. I've been really busy with college (as well as other things) lately, but then again, I imagine most everyone else involved in this project has too, so I guess it's no excuse.

On the bright side, it looks like there's 21 completed tracks now! Also, I don't know how close we are to the deadline, but I can still make some minor edits to the track at this point if it still isn't up to par.

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Ahh still 20 dude. :) I had counted your track as done. I was satisfied with it before. But the final touches are def nice. You can def make some tweaks dude. Tales and FFIV have to be released, and DK2 is rounding out nicely too. So the que for projects is mighty. The big thing now is getting the missing wav files from people and bio/song info. And I am working on contacting people for hosting info.

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hey avaris what's the status on this? i know i've been dicking you around for a long time now with my track but i'm really trying to get something done and in for this. long story summed up, i have a friend who's a huge fan of xenogears and i've told her about this project album and that i'll try my best to get in on it, and i'd really hate to wind up not keeping my word for taking too long. it's kinda like one of those "man i like this girl and i want to show her my craft by being involved in one of her favorite obsessions" situations, if you're familiar with it hahah

just throw me some kind of final end date for when you're seriously done taking submissions and i'll get you the grahf remix as soon as i possibly can. you'd definitely be doing me a huge solid, man, and i do apologize for being a procrastinator about it

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'show her my craft' = 'show her my dick'

lol sum chick

lol "you like xenogears? Me too! Lets have sex!"

-next chick-

"You like bike riding too? I'm a passionate bike rider! Lets have sex!"

-next chick-

"Oh you're into pooing in a cup and eating it too...you're really hot yeah I dig that, done it loads of times, lets have sex!"


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"Oh you're into pooing in a cup and eating it too...you're really hot yeah I dig that, done it loads of times, lets have sex!"


But there are two girls with that cup. ;)

nRich I would like the have the song in by April 13th.....2009. :) Good luck mate!

There are three more songs that are just about completed. It'd be cool if we got to 25 songs but I am not gonna hold out for that at all. Getting the torrents, mirrors, and final website update with correct info could take some time. But getting in all of the finished tracks is kinda friggin essential for those next steps.

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Here is an updated track list. Given the songs we know that are going to be finished 100% certainty, we should end up with 13 songs on each disc. There are a few possibilities that could work out; if that's the case we might get lucky and get 30 songs finished for the project. Thank you everyone for your hard work and continued dedication to the project!

Humans Disc

1)Foxhull-June Mermaid

2)avaris-Aveh, the Ancient Dance


3)Geoffrey Taucer-The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

4)Avaris/The Prophet of Mephisto-Awakening

5)Fishy-Shebat: The Wind is Calling

6)Vampire Hunter Dan- Flight, Emotions, The Ship of Regret and Sleep

7)zikon-Tears of The Stars, Hearts of The People

8)ziwtra-Bonds of Sea And Fire


10)Prometheus-Lost...Broken Shards

11) CHIPP Damage - Tamasu Man of the Sea

12) Prometheus - Stage of Death

13) Jormungand - Forest of the Black Moon

14) TheLeviathan - Shattering of the Dream Egg

15) RoeTaka - Knight of Fire

16) RoeTaka-The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

17) ziwtra-Singing of the Gentle Wind/Flight

18) Jormungand-Faraway Promise

Gears Disc


2)about:blank-One Who Bares Fangs at God

3)Wintermute/Troy Lawlor-Bonds of Sea and Fire

4)avaris/Blue Magic- The One Who is Torn Apart

5)E-Bison-The Light from the Netherworlds

6)Siamey-Back to Sleep

7)Another Soundscape/Avaris-Daijiru: City of Burning Sands

8)avaris/Nutritious/Sausage Ninja/OA-June Mermaid

9)ziwtra - Wings

10)Geoffrey Taucer & friends - Omen medley

11)Electric Concerto-The Wounded Shall Advance to the Light

12) Nutritious - Leftovers of The Dreams of The Strong

13) Tensei-San/DragonAvenger - Stars of Tears

14) The Vagrance - Invasion

15) nrich - Graaf, Emperor of Darkness

Blue - Done

Green - Almost Done

Updated Available Tracks:

20 - In A Dark Sleep

25 - The Blue Traveler

27 - The Jaws of Ice

31 - The Sky, The Clouds, And You

36 - Solaris: Eden of Heaven

39 - Pray For The People's Joy

43 - The Beginning And The End

44 - Small of Two Pieces ~ Broken Shards (Restored Pieces)

The Valley Where the Wind is Born

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I swear I'm still alive, this semester is (almost) over, so things might actually work out for me now, with one final to go. Anyways, I'm gonna go ahead and update the main post again, and HUGE PROPS to avaris for not killing me multiple times over and being here.

*let the tomato throwing begin*

Here, I'll throw the first at myself.


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