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Xenogears: Humans + Gears - History


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I have no idea what brad's original post was referring to, but my post was making fun of something he said at MAGfest a couple years ago; somebody handed him a nintendo DS, and brad, having never seen one before, said "Holy shit! It has two screens!"

Story time with Level 99 again (I swear maybe I'll just make a thread of stories one day, that was coolstorybro will be concentrated in at least one place :tomatoface:)

Taucer's right in the general sense about one reference, but he made it a lot less funny (well, you did!). Brad was watching someone play a DS at MAGFest, and as Taucer said, Brad had never seen one before. After ten minutes of watching someone playing it, he snaps back suddenly and yells, pretty much at the top of his lungs "OHOLY SHIT! IT HAS TWO SCREENS!!!" He legitimately didn't notice the two screens in front of him for ten minutes. We still love him anyway.

Taucer, Brad's original post has to do with stuff we said in Postpicsofself thread:

I said "Sooner or later, my beard will be as long as father time's, and then I will take a high-quality picture of it that will stretch across four-screens. In every direction."

His response: "holy shit, it has four screens!"

We're turning the forums into one big inside joke. One thread at a time.

The final tracklist for this project is quite impressive, btw. What I personally enjoy, and what some others may personally despise, is that with a project that has gone on as long as this has you end up with songs made over that long period of time. You may hear something from an OCRemixer that they made before they were posted and official, and other cool things like that. Ever over the long project timeline, it shows the passion for the music was always strong.

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Lol, way to coordinate.

Yeah that's what I was busy doing... :<

Actually a whole mess of shite went on during the course of this project. It really outlines a crazy 3 years for me.

I am getting motivated to finish the game now. The damn 5 mins per battle started to grate on me. Only if they made this thing into a full fledged anime oh WHY!

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i have never really played radical dreamers. i've fooled around with savestates, but never really got into it. it's boring as hell if you're not into retro games, like me.

I've actually never played Wild ARMs, and don't really plan to, yet I have two tracks on that project lulz.

TBH its more fun to remix stuff in which you have absolutely no context.

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I've never (properly) played xenogears, dkc2, wild arms, lufia2, megaman9, nights, radical dreamers or either of the tales.

I'm just a massive project whore.

same here with la (never got past the first cave), ff4 until the project came out (and i've never beaten it), or any of the other games besides pokemon that i've participated in.

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