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OCR03187 - Chrono Trigger "Flow of Time"


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Ooh, fancy! I really like the style of this one. As was previously mentioned, the panning’s a bit off for some of the instruments, and I think the piano’s a touch on the quiet side during its solo. Aside from that, though, it’s very well done. The samples are, as Chimpazilla pointed out, used quite well. There weren’t really any parts that stood out to me as being particularly unrealistic, so that’s always a plus. I find orchestral samples can be a pain to work with sometimes, but you succeeded admirably. Keep on writing, sir, and I think you’ll do fine.

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What a good work, I like it. Like Chernabogue says there are some weird articulations, I noticed that too, but nothing special.

I really like that you feel the Main Theme of Chrono Trigger the whole time, and also you notice the other songs in a subtle way. A good flow on the song and a good work. :smile:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03187 - Chrono Trigger "Flow of Time"

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