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OCR03236 - Xenogears "Ragnarok"


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With regards to the production, yeah, the electric rhythm guitar could have been heavier, but the tone was still full *enough* IMO. The 8/4+7/4 section was the highlight for me. Although I didn't think the wobbles fit that section, I liked the intent---I would have made the wobble tone thicker, removed the rhythmic LFO, and just drawn a cutoff automation curve that was adapted to fit the dynamics along the way. ;)

I thought the folk outtro was an unusual contrast in mood with the more chaotic sections that came before, but ultimately I'm OK with it.

The arrangement is quite elaborate, yet cohesive, and the overall track was fairly well-executed. Great work!

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That intro. Wow. Simply spectacular. Actually, everything about this track is spectacular. From beginning to end, I could hear a story of the heroes preparing for battle against Deus and all his demons, followed by that misguided jerk Krelain and his incarnation of Urobolos, and then everyone celebrates winning the final battle.


An easter egg you say? Welp, all the more reason to wanna listen to this track over and over and over…

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Well, sure as hell didn't waste any time in getting into the badass chanting and guitar work right out of the gates, huh? This is terrific, I love how this bounces back and forth between something more relaxing and the chaotic sections. Even with the outro, the woodwinds make it seem peaceful, and then the guitar kicks in again to take it home, so both sides of the spectrum got to shine in this one. Great arrangement, and I always enjoy hearing more "Bonds of Sea and Flame", so I can easily say I liked this ReMix.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03236 - Xenogears "Ragnarok"

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