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Fruity Loops Music Competition 4: 2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome [Results, pg. 6]

Jason Covenant

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I refuse to work on my WIP until Prophecy finishes the damn story.

I don't, here's my entry.

If something is wrong with my song (unacceptable samples or something) please reply so I can change it. I used the last (the shortest) MID file in the FLMC4 pack (Zone Finished Theme).

Good luck to the other remixers.



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Sorry, I've been a busy busy bee, running around like a chicken with its head cutoff, (insert animal metaphor here), etc.

A couple other peoples had told me they were gonna enter, so imma extend the deadline to 11:59 pm october 2nd pacific time. I'll go bug those ppls so we can see about getting more than just 3 entries. Sound good kthx?

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POST COUNT = 1000!!!!!



ok, I finished my entry. I apologize for the lateness; I have been extremely sick the last few days, and have a ridiculously busy schedule.

Here is my entry:

The Music!!!

mirror1: GLL on Myspace

The FLP file!!! (requires FLstudio 6)

I remixed Seven Chiropractor Cat (Fifa's Theme) if anyone couldn't figure out from the title. KTHX!

Good luck to everyone. I'm guessing that this competition may be the closest we've had yet.

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Right now........and lets say give it a week. Alright you guys have the entries I'm sure, but I'll rehost them in a tick.

Also, question, before I post the entries, do you guys think we should allow beige mage in? He emailed me an entry....... or at least someone claiming to be him emailed me an entry. You guys think it's valid even though its an email?

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