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One Punch Man

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zircon made me start watching this anime, and after I'd finished just one episode, I couldn't stop; had to watch all the rest to date ASAP.

Apparently the show will only last 12 episodes? (with some OVAs)  Which makes me really sad, but I'm assuming it's an Attack on Titan-type situation, and a second season will eventually be made once the manga's made enough source material for it.  Which... will probably take another year or two at the least.  :(

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He was once a sad unemployed business man like you, then he started a rigorous training routine.. 100 PUSHUPS, 100 SITUPS, 100 SQUATS and RUN 10K every day

"With all due respect, sensei....THAT IS A LOAD OF SHIT!"

I'm really digging this show. My friends and I have been watching a few episodes of Attack on Titan every other weekend, and man have I needed a happy show like this. The animation is fantastic too, and Genos is one of my favorite humanoid robotic character designs in ages. 

I like the cues taken from both western and eastern superhero works. Saitama's wearing an inverted Anpanman outfit* and has superficial trappings of Superman without the god imagery that keeps being foisted on that character, Genos has some delightfully Iron Man-esque abilities with a Final Fantasy-esque backstory and character design, and it's a formal superhero society a la certain western works (for some reason, the movie Sky High comes to mind) basically fighting kaiju and DBZ villains. Hell, I feel that the way the world is handled is very Superman-esque: Saitama, the invincible character, is basically the nucleus of a world with more fallible and ridiculous characters than he, which keeps the series from falling into "well...he's invincible, so there's no urgency or risk" trap that badly-written versions of that kind of story could be.

Also, it is kind of amazing how JAM Project did the opening for this series. I'm so used to hearing them open for Super Robot Wars games that it just made me fangirl over hearing them open for a superhero show.


*The main villain in Anpanman is Germ Man. The very first supervillain that shows up, Vaccine Man, is a reference to this, and also has the same voice actor as Germ Man in the anime! Also, an oft-used abbreviation for the series in Japanese, "wan-pan-man", is evocative of Anpanman.

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If there's one dang positive thing I can do this year, it will be to get you guys to watch ONE PUNCH MAN

I only wish I was One Post Man. A man who with one post gets people off their butts.

The FINALE will be soon. I don't know if this is frowned upon to share, but I've been watching the english subbed version on http://www.onepunchman.tv/


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I don't know about the Anime to be honest. I loved the manga and still read new chapters, but I feel like a lot of the humor doesn't carry over to the Anime. It also looks a bit worse than the manga art-wise.

If I didn't read the manga I would recommend anyone to watch the anime asap though. But that's the case for nearly every anime I watched (and stopped as soon as I started reading the manga). Guess I like reading more than watching when it comes to these things.

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that I'll agree with. Maybe due to the length, or something else. Seems like cities get destroyed constantly, and nobody seems to care all that much. Then there's like a 20 second moment before the credits where they're like "People built new stuff" and I'm like meh. Even with all the threats to their world and cities it doesn't seem like any of the attacks have made any real impact to their society, which is weird. 

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