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*NO* Streets of Rage 2 'Pain's Funeral'

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Hi, my name's UncleBibby (Peter Locke). I've always loved the good ending theme to Streets of Rage 2 and i've been composing for a few years and i thought i'd take another crack at submitting a song to OCRemix. My last song submission was The Legendary TomaHawk which got rejected, but i understand why it was rejected... it was sort of aimless and sort of just a straight cover of the original without much change... this song, this time, i've made multiple versions of it and run it by my friend Decktonic and he and I think this is worth submitting finally. 

contact information:
Peter Locke
Submission Information
the game: Streets Of Rage 2 (for the Sega Genesis)
my remix: Pain's Funeral
original song: Good Ending theme
  i called it Pain's Funeral because at my Grandma's funeral a few years ago i realized this song (the original) is what i want to be played at MY funeral. My plan for this remix was sort of to get down the main melody from the song and then replace the overall structure, the bass, the drums, and some of the strings with my own musical ideas... and then of course, grind my brain against it, improving it and giving it a better feel over time. I usually finish songs really fast but this time i wanted it to be professional and i think i achieved a level of solidity and well-roundedness that i usually miss. i hope you like it, and even if you reject it, i just hope you got a good feeling from it.
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Opens up pretty lo-fi at :16 with some pretty oddball textures; taking a wait-and-see approach on this, as I'm honestly not digging the textures and don't think they work at all (and I like quirky arrangements). At :47, that could have been a spot where the soundscape got much clearer and that didn't happen, so the lo-fi/unclear sound isn't purposeful.

Yeah, I'd need another J to articulate why this instrumentation isn't clicking; to me, it's mostly thin elements, and a flimsy padding line that doesn't really glue the track together. Dynamically, I felt something more drastic/notable of a changeup in the energy level or textures should have happened at 2:24, but it never arrived; despite the change in the percussion writing, the puchy parts of the drums are always the same beats, making the groove way too repetitive. Lastly, the lead instrument subtly changed constantly, which was a postitive, but the melodic interpretation of the source tune never varies. As a result of all those issues, the energy level feels very samey, and the song's basically in one gear from :16-onward.

It's a markedly different sound to things, which is commendable, Peter, but the mixing sounds needlessly lossy, the textures don't click, and the dynamic contrast is lacking.


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Cool and friendly source, I am digging it. 


It sounds like the arrangement itself is fine if a bit repetitive, but the way the whole track is being filtered is really off-putting. Even though everything has very specific and deliberate filters applied to it, but none of them are lining up in a way to make the track sound balanced. The bass is being scooped out so there are no real low mids, the kick has all the attack removed without anything to fill that new space, and while I think it has a few monents where everything clicks during transitions and such, those moments are too sparse to make the track feel cohesive as a whole. 

The overall feeling is positive, with a fun and upbeat melody, but the balance is very off, and the arrangement needs more development. I think some additional work on humanizing the sequencing, developing the mood as the track progresses, and a lot less filtering would be a step in the right direction. 

No, please resubmit

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  • OceansAndrew changed the title to 2015/04/13 - (2N) Streets of Rage 2 'Pain's Funeral'

A very upbeat track, with a strange overall sound about it. I am slightly stuck for words by the mixing on this one as it's hard to describe what's going on initially. Originally hearing the lofi textures I thought things would eventually peel away and become clearer, however the track keeps the same tone throughout.

Firstly, I feel all the parts in your mix are occupying too much mid and low-mid range, with the highs unnecessarily tapered/filtered off and some unnecessary EQ carves in the low end parts which combined are making things feel hollow. This coupled with a lot of distortion is what I believe is causing the mix's "coming out of a speaker" type effect and making the instruments fight for sonic space. If this is purposeful, I feel the effect is overused and shouldn't be used for an entire mix. Reverb also seems to be applied at contrasting levels, with some parts feeling more boomy while other parts like the leads are dry and stick out. Finally, the mix sounds a little crushed due to too much compression on the mix - it would be great if this could be relaxed a bit so the track can breathe.

Arrangement wise I didn't think things varied up an awful lot from the original, and lot of parts play similar melodies throughout the duration. I think further development on the arrangement could be done to splash some extra originality across the mix.

This is not a bad start, but I do think the mixing first and foremost needs some further attention, and time would be well spent on strengthening the arrangement.


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