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Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes)

Round 50: NES Super Mario Bro's Free-For-All!!!!

50th anniversary SPECIAL ROUND

Deadline: Mar 8th Tues 1 PM
Vote Ends: Mar 10th Thurs 11 PM

Submit your remix Here when completed. 

Since it's kind of a milestone, I had the idea of doing something fun.  Since Super Mario Bros. is one of the franchises best known for starting the trend of home consoles and popularizing video games, we should do the "MnP 50 NES SMB FFA."


Any track from SMB 1, 2 or 3 for the NES is fair game.  

Mash-ups and medleys are okay (you can even use multiple games in one track if you want), just don't do it for the sake of doing one.  Ultimately my bonus vote will be based on production value and creativity, while maintaining all important parts of the source.


A bunch of .mid files are available at http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/ (Search Super Mario Bros and you wont have to scroll).

This YouTube video contains all three OST's:  

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4 hours ago, David "Cookie" said:

 I was a little bit lost as there was no entry yet.


Eh, some of us(a lot of us) tend to get it in at the last minute. I've got something, but I'm still touching it up and it probably won't be submitted for a day or three more.

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7 hours ago, Bundeslang said:

I have something, I don't know if I will have more time to work on it, but if not I'll submit what I have.

Mario has many nice small sources.

speaking of which....I should probably do something too lol.  We got 4 more days, so should be good :D

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Welcome to the Voting Stage!

  • There are 5 entries this round.
  • There are 2 Bonus entries this round
  • There is a voter bonus this round
  • Hipnotyk has a vote worth 2x 
  • Don't vote for Bonus entries please  
  • Participants may not vote for themselves   

Vote ends 11pm Thursday March 10th

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1 hour ago, PlanarianHugger said:

Which song is the bonus song. There are two song that say bonus, do not vote for it.

Sorry, I missed that.  Fixed it now.  There are actually 5 entries and 2 bonuses.  Do NOT vote for my or Hipnotyk's entry!!


Thanks for notifying me PlanarianHugger :)

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  • Kat got 1st with 20 points.
  • Realme got 2nd with 19 points
  • PlanarianHugger got 3rd with 10 points
  • bundeslang got 4th with 6 points
  • David "Cookie" got 5th with 5 points

Kat please pm me the source for round 51!!!  (jesus round 51 already look at the time flying!! T_T)


Quite a nice turn up and good amount of votes 2 times in a row, nice!  And props to newcomers: David Cookie, Planarianhugger and Realmthree - big thanks for taking the time to participate and I hope to see you guys in future rounds!

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Every time someone uses the word atmosphere to describe my remix, take a drink.

But seriously, great round and congrats Kat.  Your remix was very creative and with just a little fine-tuning I think it would be worth sending to the judges.  Nice submissions all around, and I'm glad to see my crazy idea for Round 50 paid off.

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