OCR03393 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World "A Kingdom Under the Sea"

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Oh, c'mon, this remix deseves much more attention! Orchestra is not my favourite stuff, tbh, but when it's made right, it clicks SO HARD. This track is just awesome, seriously. I love how from cartoon-ish, carefree intro it evolves into something majestic, something solemn, simply epic, which makes me think about Venice for some reason (maybe because the arranged theme here is mostly "Swimming BGM"? ;)) and then it returns back to its playful beginning :) Sweet thing for sure! 

P.S. All hail dat accordion!

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You should hear this song through my AKG's on the mullard tubes in my mini dot amp...  /clap  /applaud  /blownaway -  WONDERFUL ear candy and thank you for remixing one of my childhood fav's!

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