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What's MAGFest?


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My shirt makes me look like a CGI rendering. Excellent. These video games are getting so realistic!

EDIT: attaching original. The flash off my eyeballs and the head angle made me look like a zombie, but of course that didn't come through in the tiny avatar version.


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1 hour ago, Legion303 said:

...because I'm thinking of going.

Unless there's a better way to meet you techno shits.

only the greatest time you're ever gonna have being surrounded by the unique music and gaming type of nerds.     That's a double dose of well-meaning nerd mind you.

... and not everyone here is a techno shit.  


Seriously though it's a great weekend.  Huge free-play arcade, tons of modern and retro games with people to play them with, and multiple concerts of various genres each night.  So much fun that you'll need the following week to recover. 


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MAGFest is the best way to meet most of the community in person. It's the one event every year that lots of people in the scene make the effort to go out to. East coast, west coast, midwest, southwest, Europe, etc. Everyone comes out for the main MAGFest that happens in January.

The event features gaming and music panels, concerts and raves, a vendor area to buy cool stuff, and a really big game room featuring consoles, arcade machines, and pinball machines. OC ReMix usually does one or two panels at MAG every year. There are also a lot of informal room-party type events where people just hang out, play games, and drink together.

It's worth going.

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