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OCR03397 - Mega Man 2 "Dark Depths of Wily's Castle"


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Awesome to see you join the roster here, and even moreso to see it under yet another excellent Famicom chiptune.  The attention to detail is, as always, impeccable.  Your percussion is as strong as ever, and the composition is delightfully rich for such a limited palette.  Glad to hear you continuing to stretch the platform to its peak, and looking forward to hearing more from you here!

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I said it once, but I'll say it again - this is an amazing track from one of my absolute favorite chiptune artists of all time (one of the few I've paid attention to since before I was on OCR, in fact).

I'm not kidding when I say I was listening to this track on the album when I heard it on the panel (and subsequently gushed on how awesome it is). I recommend virtually anything Rushjet1 puts out - he's quite the prolific chiptune artist, and I'm happy as a peach he's representing the more "purist" chiptune genre on here.

Really, though, listen to this, study it, get every ounce you can get out of it. It's that good of an arrangement.

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