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OCR03420 - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia "Somniatis"


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I should probably note that I wrote this back in 2011, and despite taking a little time to finish it up, I hadn't had the time to re-record or mix it the way I would have liked to. I'm not even sure I still have some of the original sound sources installed, for that matter. My schedule has since filled up considerably (see lpcollider.com for a look at one of the games I'm currently scoring.) That said, for a product of its time, it's not a terrible arrangement and if I ever get the time to go back and remaster the project, I'll post a link here for anyone who wants it.


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My only complaint is that the lead guitar sounds a little too fake; a little too sharp on the attack of every note, and the tremolo seems to be just slightly too heavy. Usually a real guitarist will hit the note first, and then the tremolo starts slightly after the beginning of the note, but here the tremolo seems to start at the same time as the note being hit.

Minor gripes with the lead guitar aside, I really like the arrangement. The other instruments all sound great (and honestly I suspect the lead wouldn't bother me if I wasn't a guitarist). Heavy-hitting, but still has a bit of that mellow ballad feel that I've always loved in your stuff. Very lush, very pretty, overall excellent mix

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