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  1. Still touched. I sincerely love your arrangements. Please keep making music.
  2. I should probably note that I wrote this back in 2011, and despite taking a little time to finish it up, I hadn't had the time to re-record or mix it the way I would have liked to. I'm not even sure I still have some of the original sound sources installed, for that matter. My schedule has since filled up considerably (see lpcollider.com for a look at one of the games I'm currently scoring.) That said, for a product of its time, it's not a terrible arrangement and if I ever get the time to go back and remaster the project, I'll post a link here for anyone who wants it. -Tim
  3. Hey, just wanted to thank you for extending an invite early on. I was really busy at the time and couldn't contribute, but I'm really excited to hear the final product.
  4. Again, I apologize if my comment about the velocities seemed curt -- I did not mean for it to offend. That aside, you did a fine job arranging it.
  5. I actually can't think of anything I could critique here, great job all around.
  6. I seriously forgot how defensive people can get on this site. Yes, I've heard his previous works. What does any of that have to do with my post? Even if he has demonstrated a fundamental understanding of dynamics in the past, he still could have forgotten to use them this time around, thus a simple reminder doesn't hurt anyone. I swear, it's as if I have to go back and add three or four lines of fluff about what he's done right in order for anyone here to accept a valid critique. I'm sure Darke knows what he did right and doesn't need me to point it out.
  7. Well, I never said you didn't play one. However, since you used to, surely you understand what I was saying about the importance of dynamics.
  8. Really? Well, I certainly won't patronize you by giving an in-depth example of how to humanize your parts since you claim to do so already. However, as someone who actually plays a musical instrument, might I suggest increasing the increment of your velocities ever so slightly? At least enough that we can perceive it? I assure you it will only help.
  9. Wasn't meant to be sarcastic. If I were being sarcastic I would have said something along the lines of "Great job editing those dynamics with your mouse!" Instead, it was a valid and concise piece of constructive criticism. I wouldn't take it so personally if I were you.
  10. Someone seriously voted "no" on this because it had original content? Seriously? Wow.
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