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Super Rhapsody Bros 3 ReMix Contest with some EPIC PRIZES!


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Gamer’s Rhapsody and OverClocked ReMix present the “Super Rhapsody Bros 3” ReMix contest!
To celebrate Gamer’s Rhapsody’s third year of bringing fans and professionals of gaming together, we are hosting a game music ReMix contest featuring another famous “3”, Super Mario Bros. 3!
Chose from one of these 3 themes, and put your own spin on it! Any style or arrangement is fair game, from EDM bangers to solo piano or a cappella. You are only limited by your imagination!
Song Choices:
World Map 1: Grass Land Theme
Overworld 2 Theme
Underwater Theme
Judging and Prizes:
All entries will be judged LIVE at Gamer’s Rhapsody by certified OCR Judges, and a winner and runner ups will be chosen. 
Prizes include tons of OCR and Gamer's Rhapsody swag including some rare and exclusive OverClocked ReMix albums, tickets to Gamer's Rhapsody 2017, as well as having your ReMix featured on OverClocked ReMix!
Deadline and Submission Details:
The deadline for submissions is midnight CST on Nov 15, 2016! Don't delay!
Submit all entries to ocr@gamersrhapsody.com with the subject line “Super Rhapsody Bros 3 Entry”. Attach an MP3 or downloadable Soundcloud URL to the email. 
Entries received after the deadline may be awesome, but will not be eligible for the contest, so don’t be late!
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