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Megaman 3 - Intro in Orchestral


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Nice. Very. It sounds just as you said: an orchesta. Glad to see someone is taking a liking to MM3's music (MM2 isn't the only Mega Man game with good music).

I have one big problem with this "remix". It feels more like a orchestra arrangement than a remix, because you haven't really added any new content to the song, you just orchesta-fied it. I guess this second part you talked about might change that, but with what you gave us now it just feels like an arrangement. That doesn't take away from the fact that it sounds awesome, though.


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thanks for listening, youre right. I will try to put more stuff created on my own in this song. I had not changed many thigs in the second part so far. In first Part I added new chords at 00:13 and a few new parts all over the existing melodie to make this song more dynamic. I will work on it

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Here's one of my usual critiques. :o


If you’re going to do a timpani roll lead-in like that, put it with a pedal double bass and a trombone chord to add more color and more definition to the harmony in the bass.


The upper register’s harmony is too thick and there’s not enough presence in the bass range here either. Make your violin line more prominent by combining it with flutes at the unison (and piccolo up the octave if it sounds good.) Watch the harmonies too, because it sounds like there’s a few wrong notes or some bad voice-leading going on.


The lower violin part is good, the upper one is not. Consider using winds instead, and instead of pitch bends use grace notes. Also, the rhythm seems disjointed and unpleasant, especially when the piano cuts out. Harp works better than piano in terms of arpeggiated accompaniment too.

The two lines going on in the violins are not contrapuntal because the voicing is way too open. If the lower violin could move its way up a third through stepwise motion, it would sound fuller.


I’m not sure what is going on here in the winds, but if you have an idea, always make it stand out. The bassoon bass line is too simple here and I’m sure could be much more varied.


Something weird is going on in the violins and bass line. I suggest figuring out what your harmonic progression is in order to make sure each tone of the chord is covered (in case you’re wondering, it sounds like you’re trying to go F#, A7/E, D, C#.) You have tons of instruments in the orchestra to full out these harmonies, the most important of which might be the winds (with horns), which are awesome at 4-voice harmony.


Again, the timpani roll sounds a bit empty because of lack of bass harmony.


Whoa, this part is actually a pretty well written crescendo. My only gripe is the lack of brass and the overabundance of violins. If you could double that violin line with trumpets in spots and stick some fat sounding trombones in the bass, it would be even more powerful.


Again, there’s a significant lack of bass line here. I hear signs of a bouncing I-V bass in spots, but that’s what trombone, tuba, double bass pizzicato are for. The violins doing the ostinato in the mid-range would sound great doubled with staccato horns. If the snare hits are sounding a bit thin, try doubling those with stabs in some other instrument, such as piccolo or trumpets. I can’t stress enough the importance of doubling to bring out orchestral voices!


Around here the theme is a bit buried under the accompaniment. Either bring the accompaniment down a bit, or bring out the melody using doubling.


This part is very idiomatic and sounds fine. It could use some pizzicato in the double basses and cellos, which is even more idiomatic, but it’s up to you.

Keep at it.

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I can't offer much composition advice for you. It sounds good but I still think that it's more a cover than a remix. Also it might just be me but the slow down at the end seems kind of strange following the big build up in the middle. Keep working on it though, I'd like to here a final version of this.

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I enjoy listenning to orchestral remixes.This is a pretty catchy mix,but I would really like to hear way more originallity out of it.Maybe if you combind various megaman themes along with dramatic film style high points and low points throwing your imaginative ideas into the mix while keeping this theme music as your primary source tune to return to...or something like that.Turn the volume up a bit if you can cause its kinda low.

Go the distance man.

Oh and maybe you should consider joining the megaman project( if you havent already ) cause you got skillz

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I know Sil gave ya some good stuff, so I won't bother with a breakdown. On the whole it's alright. Kinda reminds me of Michael Kamen scoring the Metallica songs.

To me though, he tried so hard to make an orchestra sound like a rock band, it just didn't work. It was neat and fun to hear strings play famous tunes, but nothing "new in a special way" was added (IMO).

Just be careful not to make your arrangement sound too much like a video game. There needs to be lots of variation, nuance, dynamicism, and instrumental color - things a nintendo could never do.

This works needs new and special, unique orchestral special. I need to be less vague. :roll:

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