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OCR03480 - Metroid I & II "Cazador de Recompensas"


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On 1/24/2017 at 7:22 PM, Alcino said:

I have a huge issue with this posting.

What album is this!?

It was called "Slightly Overcooked Freezer Pizza."  I will use this comment to explain that album and why only one track of it exists.
The album was intended to have a release on loudr.  This was before I was active at OCR, and decided to submit the most complete track.  I did all arrangements, and the performers listed above were going to record everything.  In the second half I also did some recording on euphonium.  This is the only track from that album and recording cycle that will see the light of day.  It was split into 2 acts, divided down the middle to leave a logical place for an intermission.  That was for the concert that would happen, more on that shortly.  The album wouldn't have passed OCR for multiple reasons.
For one, the arrangements were overall very conservative.  Some could argue that they were midi rips.  A few of them, like this one were more sophisticated arrangements, which is why I chose this one to submit.  The first track of each act was not video game music.  The first one was an arrangement of Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra, and the second one was the theme from the Pokemon anime.  Production value was shaky in a few spots.  I was learning how to record instruments and how to mix them at the same time and learning by experimentation.  There are some things I can't fix purely because I can't record again.  Some of the tracks are also too long.  The finale was 14 minutes long, and it included 4 tunes, as a medley.
The album was a failure for several reasons.  For one, I had very limited resources to work with.  I had to work around people's schedules and eventually I wasn't able to get the same people back to record.  Sessions were divided by acts.  One day I would record 2nd saxophone player on Act 1, doing 3 saxes, and then come back another session to get Act 2 recorded.  Act 1 was finished recording, and was in the mastering stage.  This remix comes from that, and is the most complete sounding.
I will post a link to a soundcloud playlist that contains the recording of the concert performed at West Texas A&M University.  The arrangements are somewhat different in the live version, mainly with an absence of doubling instruments.  Saxophones play only saxophone, whereas in the album they doubled on flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet extensively.  Trombones no longer double on euphonium, and the horns no longer double on mellophonium.
The concert was a success, with a large audience, and was very well received by those who went to it.  The album will remain unfinished.  I'm keeping the arrangements and will revisit them at a point in the future when I have better opportunities to record and make a much more presentable project.
Here is the link to the concert

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5 hours ago, JohnStacy said:

It was called "Slightly Overcooked Freezer Pizza."  I will use this comment to explain that album and why only one track of it exists.

Thanks for the feedback! You'll have understood that my issue was "looking for that album fruitlessly". :-) I'l give the concert a listen; I quite liked this remix, and am looking for more in a similar style.

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