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OCR03513 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, LttP, LA & LoZ "Hyrulean Overture #1"


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The arrangement here is fantastic -- and I particularly love the selection of the Link's Awakening overworld, which I feel is a highly underrated variation on the main Zelda theme. Other highlights of the arrangement are Saria's Song (I prefer that title for the track to differentiate it from ALttP Lost Woods) and Hyrule Field.

Unfortunately, I found the synthetic samples quite grating in many spots, particularly toward the beginning; being a brass player, synthetic brass always bothers me a bit. However, I can't let that drag down my opinion of the mix too much -- after all, relatively few mixers have the capability of getting actual instrumental musicians to record for their mixes. 

In the end, the arrangement shines over the synths. Nice Work.

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Maybe the swells on the automation were a little too pronounced (0:34 - 0:37, 0:39 - 0:40, 0:42 - 0:44, etc), but that's a small nit to pick. The dynamic range is well-executed, and much mileage was achieved for the samples. Although I can tell these are samples, this easily sounds like an official arrangement. :)

Will there be an Overture #2? I for one don't mind the medleytits. ;) Instant-download for me.

P.S.: This sounds like it could be overlaid in a Pokemon movie.

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Great arrangement. Agree that the samples aren't the best and it's noticable from the start.

I really liked the transitions, they were organic, and had a presence of they own, I don't normally like medleys but this one was great. Having played BotW at a friends house and slightly missing the zelda music it was nice to hear freshly composed.

Due to the nature of the samples the track is probably one I can feed into my automated playlist generator system... but if it's ever souped up, I'd include this track with the best of em in a heartbeat!!

Thanks for the experience.

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Hey friends,

Thanks for all the feedback! I 100% agree that the use of samples is subpar, so it's actually quite nice that some of you seemed to enjoy it anyway. :D This was some of my very first work with samples, so it was just a way of "learning the ropes." I've since done some much nicer stuff with samples and even got to write one arrangement for Video Games Live.

Thanks again for taking the time to give your thoughts!

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