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OCR03543 - *YES* Kirby Super Star "Fluffball Rampage" *PRIORITY*


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ReMixer name: DaMonz
Real name: Emery Monzerol
email address: 
userid: 31308
Name of the games arranged: Kirby Super Star
Name of the arrangement: Fluffball Rampage
Links to originals:
Meta Knight's Revenge - https://youtu.be/qxhQghflIqg
Taking Over the Halberd - https://youtu.be/Wj300sIS_1s
Heart of Nova - https://youtu.be/sRiWShBN-j4
Gladiator Kirby - https://youtu.be/vlZokS21Bek
Dynablade's Nest - https://youtu.be/0wOPQePxOT4
Kirby's Triumphant Return - https://youtu.be/E14JKcyTe7s
So, I decided to make something big. The history of this track is basically: "I'll make a Cocoa Cave remix because I really like that track, and it's been a while since I've made music just for me. Oh, Meta Knight's music would fit nicely here! Ah, let's just throw in another. Ahhh just one more..."
And then weeks and weeks of musical Kirby Frankensteining happened. And then I decided to make an EP out of it because I was having way too much fun. :D
Now, I already feel the judges' despair from that list of sources (I'm really sorry), so let me break it down:
0:00 - 1:47 Cocoa Cave
1:47 - 3:03 Meta Knight's Revenge
3:03 - 4:10 Taking Over the Halberd
4:10 - 4:48 Heart of Nova
4:48 - 5:22 : Heart of Nova mixed with Gladiator Kirby
5:22 - 5:39 : Gladiator Kirby à la Cocoa Cave
5:39 - 5:59 : Dynablade's Nest
5:59 - 7:51 : Marx's Theme
7:51 - 9:00 : Gourmet Race
9:00 - 9:45 : Green Greens
9:45 - 10:14 : Kirby's Triumphant Return
Also, I want to dedicate this remix to my amazing friend Marc-André Parenteau, for all the countless times we beat Kirby Super Star together all the way back since second grade. Best co-op couch game, best friend, 10/10 would childhood again.
As usual, thank you very much for your time!
P.S.: At the time of writing this, the EP I mentioned, called Kirby's Liberation Service, is still in the making (although is almost finished) and I have talked with djp and Will about releasing it on OverClocked Records. If this here submission passes, I would very much appreciate if this remix could be released simultaneously with the EP! :)
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Nearly direct-post quality stuff here, for sure - production is absolutely crisp on this one. The arrangement has a few tricks up its sleeve, even if it's a hint conservative on the source presentation. The one big concern that I have on this is the medley nature of this; some of those transitions just drop in from one theme to another without much attention paid to transitions. 1:48 stops and starts another section, for example, and 3:03 just jumps right into the next source with minimal bridging. The transitions after those, though, are pretty slick, and I thought the blending of sources at 4:48 - 5:39 was very effective.

Great stuff, there - hope to hear the rest of that album when you put it out.


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Agreed that this is definitely hit-or-miss on the transitions.  1:48, 4:10, 5:40, and 9:46 were especially awkward; 3:03 and 7:52 were abrupt; 9:02 was also abrupt but worked pretty well anyway; and 4:48, 5:22, and 5:59 were pretty slick.  It doesn't help that Marx's theme is kind of medley-ish all by itself, and your treatment exacerbates the differences between sections of it.

I do agree that the middle (Heart of Nova and Gladiator Kirby) is very clever, and while I can live with a few awkward transitions, this is a lot of them.  This doesn't sound like ten different songs stuck end-to-end, but it does sound like at least six or seven.  Since that's explicitly against the submission guidelines, I don't think I can give this my vote.


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There's no inherent Standards problem with an arrangement having a bunch of themes pieced together. Obviously, MindWanderer made the case that he felt too many of the transitions were abrupt, but I just flatly disagreed. The awkward jumps at 7:52 and 9:02 didn't pull this down to NO for me due to literally everything else before it flowing smoothly to me. This just sounds like one giant prog approach, and it works. To me, what was most important was that the overall compositional flow wasn't broken, and that was the case for the first 4/5ths of the track, more than enough cohesiveness for me to be on board.


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Chaotic mix with a lot of energy. I got a Sega Genesis vibe from a lot of the sound design in this one. Drums were a bit generic.

On the arrangement side, I agree that some of the transitions are a bit odd here, with the mix sometimes coming to a complete stop to change to something else. At other times the themes almost immediately switch. In isolation, these events don't detract from the overall quality of the mix, but the quirks with this were definitely noticeable and began to add up. The writing in the individual parts was certainly creative however, if a tad on the safe side. Arrangement has a lot of perceived and actual changes in pace which helped break things up.

On the production side, I thought things were a little dry (at least initially), at ~2:40 when the strings come in it fills out the space a bit more adding depth. The left side at times felt more busy than the right.

Overall I think this isn't too bad - the arrangement pushes things to straight medley like proportions at times, but there is enough creative additions throughout to add that needed level originality. If only the transitions were more seamless.


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