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OCR03544 - Final Fantasy IX "The Throes of Death(guise)"


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On 5/15/2017 at 5:48 PM, timaeus222 said:

I love the frantic nature of this. Gario has a way with expression in simplistic lead sounds through the strategic use of stutters, portamento, and panning. I think that even if I didn't look at the artist credit, I could tell this was by Gario.

Timaeus crushed it with the description of "frantic"; man, that's the best single-adjective description of a song I've read in months. This song is like one of those old push carts in an abandoned mine where the driver is barely keeping things under control and making decisions just in time at splits in the track as the cart careens drunkenly from rail to rail. Man, I REALLY like this - this song just keeps getting better as it goes along. Props for 3:12+ in particular, which I didn't see coming at all and really, really keeps you bouncing from enjoyable cut to enjoyable cut. Each section almost fights to get back into the lead. Wonderful!!

What a great way to do justice to FF IX in its entirety. Serious props!!

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