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OCR03546 - Final Fantasy VIII "Attack on Dollet"

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Oh my God! What a majestic debut! This is one of the most jaw-dropping remixes I've grabbed recently. I'm not huge fan of some of orchestral remixes, but I looooooooove such epic cinematic sonic journeys with a touch of modern aesthetics.This is like watching some thrilling movie, when you're hooken right from the very beiginning and don't want to miss a single second. I bet I'm gonna listen to nothing but this song the next few days (maybe even a couple of weeks?). Guys, download this breathtaking masterpiece right now! And, of course, looking forward to more posted works!

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Wow, this is impressive. Perfect song for this kind of epic treatment, and the remixer nails it - it almost gives a bit of a God Of War type of feel. That said, this mix really gains strength as it goes along, and some of its best parts are its calmer sections, particularly 1:30-1:45 and 1:55-2:08. Serious props for the pause-and-release around 2:10 into the ramp up. Man, this was just so enjoyable. Great job!!!

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