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OCR03582 - Castlevania "Vampithrillic"


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Really? Its gonna have to be me? I mean Ive been fairly quite as of late but I cant let this comment section sit so barren. This is 190 proof distilled 80's served with a twist of Castlevania...I mean the samples? the Game Samples?! Used as perfectly as they can be used?! And those tom fills are brutally 80's ( feeling a strong Far Cry Blood Dragon vibe here).... in fact this track is more 80's than several years actually from the 80's ( looking at you 1980 and 1981) but for real I really don't know what else to say, a game from the 80's remixed in perfect 80's emulated style...not sure if I can say emulated cause it feels fairly authentic, but as Im fairly sure its 2017 Im just gonna have to enjoy it for what it is 2 things I love Castlevania and High energy Sythnwave

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