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The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

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The end of time is upon us....Food will be stockpiled, gas will be raised through the roof, hotels shall be booked....


Where I'm at, it shall be 90%, but I'm skipping school to go down to Kentucky somewhere where it's supposed to be 99%

We've got solar binoculars, going to the store tonight to prepare for the mass mayhem that will hit tomorrow. 

If you are going to see if, state where the coverage will be for where you are going/advice for other people.

And remember - DON'T LOOK AT THE SUN FOR TOO LONG. (Well, I guess you could sue...)

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Hit about 40%. I didn't have glasses when I first looked, so I squinted through the cloud cover; you could see it well enough that way.

My eyes hurt afterward, though.

But yeah, with someone else's glasses I got to see it clearly, and it was pretty cool.

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It was fucking cloudy where I live lmao...but the decrease in light was substantial. The times where there were breaks in the clouds, there was this eerie lighting, where you can clearly see the shadows cast by the sunlight but it was just way too dim. It kept messing with my head, it was reminding me quite a bit of winter actually.

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