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I read in another thread about some missing tracks because of them being apart of albums.  Does this also apply to the track numbers of the files? 

In the torrent, it says tracks 1 - 3000, but there are only 1898 files.  Are the album tracks temporarily part of the numbered tracks and then taken off after a time?

If this is the case, why not leave the albums as separate entities in the first place?  Maybe have those that are judged like individual remixes be on it's own page about the album itself and advertise the albums and the judged tracks so they aren't forgotten by those that might not be immediately interested.

I'm a guy that gets both the albums and the individual mixes but nearly half of those are copies because of this, so i have to go and delete the individual ones.  It's a lot of hassle. X.x  Especially when the titles are different sometimes! XD

I know i've complained before about some things, but that's more because of my weird personal tastes and OCD nature that most likely wouldn't affect many people at all in this community.  Though, this one, I think it would.  I know you already have some ways to signify what's from an album and what's not in the track list but it's specified in the comments, which is not the most visible thing in the world..Though keeping the album tracks and the individual ones separate would negate this problem in the first place.

Sorry if I'm being annoying..

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Yeah, I would like to ask that as well. I like OCRemix, it's a good thing. But a lot of music genres presented in those songs I just don't like - mostly trance, techno, hip hop and those electronic ones. So I wanted to download the package of 1-3000 and select amongst them those I like.

But as Zye said - not all songs are there.

And when looking at individual albums, then searching some songs from albums (on webpage), they are not there. They are not in 1-3000 torrent either. My question is ... why?

Example - just first album in album list - 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute
There are 18 songs on this album and just 8 (or so) of them are featured on the site as individual songs. So the only way to get them (on OCRemix) is to download this specific album.

I suppose it's the same with other albums as well - having songs which are to be found only there.


P.S - Common, you will only find certain songs when typing the search query EXTREMELY correct, such as (which is not good).

Hoy, small fry - will find it


Hoy Small Fry - won't find it



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Something to keep in mind is that album songs will only appear here on OCReMix if the artist submits them to the panel. Not every artist does that, and some tracks that are submitted might not pass the panel and hence not end up on the site. 

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4 minutes ago, Jorito said:

Something to keep in mind is that album songs will only appear here on OCReMix if the artist submits them to the panel. Not every artist does that, and some tracks that are submitted might not pass the panel and hence not end up on the site. 

OK, good to know. I am still new to the inner workings of the site.


1)Those album only songs aren't considered as OCRemix, if they won't pass through the panel? (either because the artist won't submit them or they won't pass)

2)When downloading the 1-3000 big torrent, there is 2829 songs + 1 readme file (I was counting it crudely, so the number may differ), which I read somewhere here on forums that it's OK, some songs were lost, or badly numbered ... so I cannot find them anywhere else, right?

3)Here in this thread:

there is a comment by user "Liontamer"


f an individual ReMix is also on an OCR album, the "Original Album" tag is populated with the name of the OCR album. You can load the collection into a program like MP3tag or iTunes to see those tags.

so I will have to download those albums one by one and have a look at MP3tag? Or this "Original album" tag visible somewhere here on pages before downloading?
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1) Yep, pretty much. Larry (Liontamer, OCR Staff) explains it in the thread you linked at 3) too.

2) The missing tracks are not lost or badly numbered, they were removed, for various reasons. You can find which tracks and why here: https://ocremix.org/info/ReMix_Changelog

3) Reading that, it's the other way around: any tracks from the torrent that are also on an album will have the OCR album name (e.g. "Resonance of the Pure Land" tagged within them.  In my experience, the album usually gets released first, and tracks get posted on OCR afterwards, so the other way around doesn't make much sense to me.

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That is bad news for me, as that defeats the point of 1-3000 collection. I have downloaded it and since December, I have slowly listened one by one, deciding what I like and what I do not. Usually more times each track, as I was undecided if I like it or not.

Now I just need to find a way how to download only those songs which aren't in the 1-3000 collection. (or 3001-XXXX collection).

Any idea, anyone?

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