3. completed The Legend of Zelda ~ Song of Storms in the style of Breath of the Wild

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Hey guys, I recently completed an arrangement of Song of Storms for solo piano. Still polishing up the sheet music, but I will release it eventually. I love the original tune and I really think its one of the most memorable pieces in video game music history.

With my arrangement, I wanted to expand the piece a little bit harmonically and add some delicate ornamentation in the melody. The end result felt more like a piece of Breath of the Wild, than something from Ocarina of Time. I'm considering doing versions of all the ocarina tunes from the game in the future. I think it would be fun to expand on them in a similar vein. 

I had a lot of fun working on this, and I hope you guys enjoy it too.

Thanks for listening!


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My god, love the pacing and how simple and efffective is in conveying the bittersweet feeling of the original, even more so with that piano playing. Congratulations!

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