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OCR03699 - *YES* Dance Dance Revolution Extreme "Epic Steps" *RESUB*

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Previous Decision

ReMixer Name: Tonalysis
Real Name: Jeff Morrow
User ID: 31683
Name of game(s): Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution
Name of arrangement: Epic Steps
Name of original song: Sync
Composer: Outphase (Taku "TaQ" Sakakibara and Takayuki "dj Taka" Ishikawa)
Link to original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-UxUJ6P8nU
Link to remix: 
Comments: Frequently, fans discover artists through OC Remix. In my case, I discovered OC Remix by first discovering zircon through Pandora. After learning the basics of how to use FL Studio, and taking a few lessons from zircon himself, I decided to try my hand at remixing. I'm a long-time DDR fan, so I decided to pick my favorite DDR tune as my first submission. My goal was to take the track and make it even more epic.

Thanks for considering my remix.

EDIT: this is (another) resubmission based on previous comments by OC Remix judges.



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Third time's the charm, baby, which totally is the case here. I can hear the cleaning up that went into this - no more snare being drown out by the more crowded portions. I like the variations you made to the lead instrument, as well - you didn't change the instrument itself, but you artfully play with the parameter envelopes to give it some much needed longevity.

Being crowding and lead variety was what I hit it on before and these things were addressed, I think it's good to go now. Nice work, and thanks for sticking with it!


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No surprise from me--I liked the previous version well enough to pass it, and there's no question that this version is even stronger.  The parts I mentioned that I liked before but that were too quiet to be heard well have all been addressed, and yep, I like them even better now.  Overall it's mixed maybe a little bit more quietly than I think was necessary, but it can't simply be made louder without causing the overcrowding in 2:58-3:11 that was an issue before.  Very nice work.


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I'm not strongly against this, but I also didn't hear any significant arrangement updates to the lead or the plodding percussion, for example at 1:36. The mixing was improved, and some of the supporting elements were brighter and better mixed, but I thought the writing was what needed tweaks and I didn't hear anything meaningfully tweaked there, especially after listening to this version compared to the previous one. That said, no hate, because all of the arrangement praise I had from this the first time around still stands, and it looks like this'll pass, but I felt this was still needing some further creativity with some of the part-writing.

NO (resubmit)

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