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OCR03659 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Lullaby of the Desert"


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I'm just going to re-post the comment I left on the YouTube video for this song:

"This is the kind of song I would play to my kids to put them to sleep. You know, if I played the violin. And if I had kids.

"Not only is this a beautiful piece of music, but it's imaginative, too; for all the times I've heard Gerudo Valley arranged to sound upbeat, intense, epic, or overwhelmingly active, I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone remix Gerudo Valley into something mellow and calming. This actually does feel like something that would help someone sleep.

"I love it. I'm going to go download this now."

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Very nice remix!  Smooth and easy for the ears...  Good job!



P.S.  This will feel a little "bad" of me, asking for this, but I love the song so much, it would be cool to have a longer version; 5 or 6 minutes...  With, I dunno, some repeat and tweaks in those, You know, if and when you have the time...  Would be cool!  :)

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