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VOCR: Vocal Remixing Compo- WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Jillian Aversa

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Will we be able to see what was said about or mixes, or was that information in the votes only so you knew that it wasn't a popularity vote? I'm interested to see...

If any individuals would like to see what was said about their mixes, I think I could show you the comments (anonymously) through PM. But yes, the sentences I asked for were strictly for quality control purposes. I'm not going to post the votes publicly because it could stir things up. ^_~

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"Hey, this sounds like Lover Reef!" That was lol-tastic. As far as the rest of the song goes, the lyrics were better than anything I could write.

I had heard Clorophil's "Duckbreaka" from the RoFL joke project, but this is the first time I've heard him do a serious rap, and it's better than I expected.

kudos to zyko, too. He's my favorite rapper in the community, and he didn't disappoint again for me.

Malcos was a big suprise for me. I haven't heard from him much musically lately, and here he comes not only with something new, but he can decently sing as well.

pixie's version was pretty good. I thought the lyrics were way past hokey, but I paid more attention to the vocal range. I think she proved here that she can sing the low notes as well as the high ones.

DragonAvenger was my favorite out of all the entries. I was not expecting a female vocal entry outside of pixie at all. She sounded fantastic. She had a country-western tone to it, which I enjoy.

I'd say this contest was a success, and I was very interested in it. I'm in the stages of planning a new remix project after Around the World finishes (or before, if I get antsy), and it is a complete vocal remix project. It's good to know that when I start the project, I'll have a good talent pool to draw from.

I may join in one of these contests sometime, but my voice isn't too great (anyone who remembers the BEER constests knows this. ;) ) Maybe if it was a month that had more metal/rock than r&b/hip-hop. Then I could bring out my angsty death metal growl. :)

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